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The sortable table below presents some of most popular majors offered at colleges and universities in the United States. The information below was culled from several sources, including The College Board Guide to 150 Popular Majors (The College Board), Book of Majors (The College Board, 5th ed.), U.S. News & World Report's Best Colleges, Making the Major Decision (Thomson Peterson's), and individual college websites.
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MajorMain interestTypical Courses in MajorConcentrations/ SpecializationsOther Majors to ConsiderCareers Related to Major10 Colleges with Strong Program in this Major
MajorMain interestTypical Courses in MajorConcentrations/ SpecializationsOther Majors to ConsiderCareers Related to Major10 Colleges with Strong Program in this Major
Music Therapy Music      
Biotechnology Biological science General biology I & II, Cell biology, Cell physiology, Microbiology, Developmental biology, Organic chemistry, Biochemistry, Immunology, Virology, Tissue culture methods, Bioanalytical techniques, Plant biotechnology, Genetic engineering, Genomics (gene function), Bioinformatics, Proteinomics Bioinformatics, Genomics, Protenomics, Toxicogenomics, Pharmacogenomics, Bioprocess, Molecular modeling, Computational chemistry Agricultural and biological engineering, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Applied physics, Biological/physical sciences, Forest technology, Chemical engineering, Biomedical technology, Biomedical engineering, Clinical/medical laboratory technology, Environmental engineering, Bioinformatics Biomedical researcher, Biochemical development engineer, Environmental health and safety specialist, Pharmaceutical product development researcher or engineer, Forensic scientist, Medical diagnostician, Biotechnology industry researcher, Engineer or manager, Quality control analyst or engineer, Regulatory affairs specialist  
Microbiology Biological science General biology I & II, Organic chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Cell biology, Genetics, Bacteriology, Biochemistry, Microbial ecology, Bioinformatics/computational biology, Advanced microbiology, Bacterial physiology, Medical bacteriology, Immunology, Virology, Recombinant DNA techniques, Mycology and parasitology None Clinical/medical laboratory technology, Biotechnology, Biomedical engineering, Cell biology and histology, Zoology, Genetics, Biochemistry, Entomology, Chemistry, Soil science, Ecology, Agricultural and biological engineering Physician, Veterinarian, High school and college teacher, Research technician, Environmental scientist, Hospital administrator, Biotechnologist, Health care professional (respiratory therapist, phlobotomist, etc.), Government agency microbiologist  
Construction management Business Principles of management, Principles of accounting, Labor relations, Business law and ethics, Project scheduling, Construction estimating, Blueprint reading, Specifications, Construction materials, Structural methods, Mechanical and electrical systems, Environmental compliance, Project budgeting and cost management construction law, codes, and regulations, Site logistics, Safety management Construction technology, Safety management, Planning and logistics Civil engineering, Construction technology, Architectural engineering, Land use planning, Operations management, Real estate, Surverying technology, Geology/earth science, Mining and mineral engineering, Historic preservation, Heavy/earthmoving equipment operation, Architecture Construction manager, General contractore, Site inspectore, Cost estimator, Specifications writer, Contract administrator  
E-commerce Business Management information systems, Introduction to e-business, E-commerce marketing, E-commerce strategy, Law of electronic commerce, Strategic management, Entrepreneurial management, Venture capital, New venture initiation, Business application development (programming), Internet technology, Computer networking and communications, Systems analysis and design, World Wide Web design, Business transformation/reengineering  Business to consumer (B2C) e-commerce, Business to business (B2B) e-commerce, Electronic marketing, Business strategies, Computer technology Marketing, Business administration and management, Information technology, Electrical and communications engineering, Economics, Digital media, Entrepreneurial studies, Management information systems, Web/multimedia management, Advertising, Computer engineering, Consumer merchandising Web developer, Internet business developer (analyst or manager), Network engineer, Product manager/marketing manager, Business alliance manager, Technology analyst, Venture capitalist/fund manager, Investment banking analyst, Market analyst, Internet applications designer  
Entrepreneurial studies Business Foundations of entrepreneurship, Living the entrepreneurial experience, New ventures and the business plan, Entrepreneurial finance, Managing a growing business, Family business, Social enterprise management, Investor relations and funding, Business and tax planning, Entrepreneurial marketing, New product design and development New-venture creation, Entrepreneurial finance, Corporate entrepreneurship, Family-controlled enterprise management, Franchise, Distributorship, and license ownership, Entrepreneurial economics E-commerce, Business administration and management, Franchise operations, Marketing, Consumer economics, Farm and ranch management, Real estate, Small business administration/management, Arts management, Economics, Development economics, Finance Business owner/new-venture creator, Investment banker, Consultant, Sales and marketing professional, Venture capitalist, Operations manager  
Fashion Merchandising Business History of fashion, Textiles, Sales, Advertising, Marketing, Fashion buying, Merchandising accounting, Fashion shows, Consumer behavior, Retail management, International fashion marketing, Mass marketing, Product development, Computer-aided design (CAD) Fashion buying, Textiles, Marketing and advertising, Visual merchandising, Retail management, Apparel production Marketing, Retailing, Hospitality administration and management, Fiber/textile arts, Fashion and apparel design, Commercial/advertising art, Photography, Anthropology, Psycohlogy, Clothing, apparel and textile studies, Family and consumer sciences, Cosmetic services Fashion designer, Buyer, Fashion marketing executive, Showroom account executive, Fashion editor, Textile designer, Import/export specialist, Fashion advertising director, Visual merchandiser, Merchandise manager  
Insurance Business Principles of insurance, Property and liability insurance, Personal insurance, Insurance operations, Corporate risk management, Insurance accounting, Surplus lines and reinsurance, Life and health insurance, Employee benefits, Estate planning, Financial planning, Ethics of insurance Risk management, Property and casualty insurance, Employee benefit planning, Estate planning, Financial planning Actuarial science, Fire protection and safety technology, Finance, Real estate, Accounting, Financial planning, Statistics, Economics, Human resources management, Security services management, Entrepreneurial studies, Medical insurance specialist Commercial lines underwriter, Property risk analyst, Liability risk analyst, Claims adjuster, Risk manager, Broker/agent, Financial planner, Actuarial trainee, Reinsurance intermediary or reinsurance underwriter  
International business Business International finance, Derivatives and financial markets, International marketing, Intercultural communication, Global logistics, International operations, Advanced seminar in international business, Eonomics, Accounting, Management, Business in specific regions` International economics and trade, Marketing, Finance Accounting, Finance, International relations, Marketing, Tourism/travel management, Global studies, Comparative literature, International marketing, Foreign languages/literatures, Latin American studies, Asian studies, Development economics Derivative trader, Invest banker, Management consultant, Real estate developer, Government employee, Financial analyst, Brand manager, Import/export manager  
Management information system Business Programming for systems development, Systems analysis and design, Database design, Database management and administration, Networks and telecommunication, Financial information systems, E-commerce, Information services management, Emerging technologies, Advanced software development, Data warehousing, Decision support technologies, Project management and practice Information system design and evelopment, Information technology infrastructure, Information services management, E-commerce, Software development, Information technology (IT) strategy Business communications, E-commerce, Organizational behavior studies, Software engineering, Management science, Computer engineernig technology, Emergency management/homeland security, Organizational communication, Information technology, Computer forensics, Medical informatics, Computer networking and telecommunications Systems analyst/designer, Software developer (programmer), Database administrator, Consultant, Project manager, Chief information officer (CIO), Researcher  
Real estate Business Real estate principles and practices, Real estate law, Financing, Appraising, Real estate investments, Residential real estate, Commercial real estate, Taxation, International real estate, Computer applications for real estate analysis, Global perspectives in real estate, Management of income properties, Real estate securities and syndications, Real estate practicums (practical applications) Real property development, Construction management, Real estate finance and mortgage lending, International real estate, Real estate law, Real estate asset management, Appraising, Market analysis, and a combination of real estate and almost any other professional subject offered by a typical college of business Construction management, Finance, Building/property maintenance, Urban, community, and regional planning, International business, Environmental studies, Landscape architecture, Architecture, Construction technology, Surveying technology, Housing and human environments, Historic preservation Real estate broker or sales agent, Appraiser, Consultant, Mortgage banker, Financial analyst, Developer, Tax assessor, Real estate asset manager   
Advertising Communications Principles of advertising, Copywriting, Advertising design, media planning, Advertising campaigns, Advertising management, New media and Internet design, Creative strategy, Market research, Account planning, Advertising sales, Retail advertising, Consumer behavior, Social and economic aspects of advertising, Mass media law, Marketing Copywriting, Design, Account management Journalism, Broadcast journalism, Marketing, Commercial/advertising art, Public relations, Business administration and management, Communications, English, Graphic design, Photojournalism, Fashion merchandising, Web page/multimedia design Copywriter, Media planner, Account executive, Advertising salesperson, Account planner  
Digital media Communications Introduction to computer programming, Fundamentals of networks and databases, Two-dimensional design, Multimedia design, Writing for digital media, E-commerce, Information law and ethics, Introduction to digital design, Project management seminar, Web site management, Senior project Design, Art history, E-commerce and e-business, Programming and network infrastructure, Writing for digital media, Teaching technology Web page/multimedia design, Graphic design, Web/multimedia management, Information technology, Business communications, Media studies, E-commerce, Digital art, Technical and business writing, Management information systems, Animation Multimedia designer, Information architect, Web site content manager, E-business analyst, Graphic artist, Public relations manager, Technology support specialist, Sales and marketing specialist, Webmaster, E-business manager  
Public relations Communications Fundamentals of public relations, Writing for mass media, Writing for the Web, Media planning, Principles of advertising, Public relations research, Public relations writing, Speech writing, Media law and ethics, Media campaigns, Visual communications and graphic design, Video production, Image management, Crisis management, Case studies in public relations management Corporate public relations, Consumer relations, Employee relations, Public affairs, Nonprofit public relations, Financial or investor relations, Publicity and media relations, International public relations Advertising, Journalism, Marketing, Music management, Public administration, Community organization/advocacy, Human resources management, Media studies, Graphic design, Organizational behavior studies, Hospitality administration and management, Science, technology, and society Public relations manager, Corporate communications manager, Publicist, Media relations specialist, Event planner, Speech writer, Public opinion researcher, Public relations agency representative, Promoter, Nonprofit or educational fund-raiser  
Sports communications Communications Introduction to journalism, Media writing, Sports reporting, Sports broadcasting, Sports and socieyt, The business of sports media, Sports and film, Sports event management, History of sports media, Sports marketing, Sports and gender, Sports psychology, Sports law and ethics, Public and media relations in sports, Audio production and performance, Principles of television production Sports broadcasting, Sports public relations Radio and television, Broadcast journalism, Photojournalism, Media studies, Business communications, Athletic training, Physical education, Sports and fitness administration, Physical therapy, Hospitality/recreation marketing, Golf management, Perks, recreation, and leisure studies  Sports journalistm, Sports broadcaster, Sports writer, Sports marketing specialist, Sports public relations specialist, Team publicist, Statistician, Event planner, Promoter, Sports information director, Production assistant, Public address announcer  
Computer forensics Computer and information sciences Criminal law and procedure, Introduction to criminal justice, Criminal evidence and investigation, Operating systems, Forensic science, Forensic accounting, Digital forensics I & II, Analysis of digital media, Investigative interviewing, Computer and network security, Network forensics, Cybercrime, Digital investigation, Statistics, Technical writing, E-discovery Network forensics, Digital media analysis, Network security, Law enforcement, E-discovery Forensic science, Information systems, Computer/systems security, Emergency management/homeland security, Criminology, Behavioral sciences, Criminal justice and law enforcement, Police science, Information technology, Computer engineering technology, Management information systems, Psychology Digital forensics examiner/analyst, Computer forensics technologist, Information systems security officer, System analyst, System engineer, Database analyst, Computer forensics associate  
Computer programming Computer and information sciences Computer literacy, Introduction to computer technology, Business communications, Operating systems, Networking essentials, C++ programming, Java programming, Object oriented programming, Visual basic programming, Database design, Database systems, Multimedia applications, Web page development, Scripting languages, Network security None Information technology, Mathematics, Computer engineering technology, Informatoin systems, Computer science, Medical office computer specialist, Animation, Computer graphics, Database design/management, Management informatoin systems Computer programmer, Web developer/administrator, Database administrator, Network administrator, Help desk operator, PC support/technician, Network support/technician  
Information technology Computer and information sciences Fundamentals of programming, Computer systems and architecture, Database management, Web development, Informatoin security, Introduction to computer science, Problem solving and algorithm design, Networking, Computer forensics, IT ethics and social issues, Probability and statistics, Discrete mathematics, Technical writing, Speech communication, Human and computer interaction, Systems analysis and design Web development networking, Database management, Digital communicatoins, Applications development Management information systems, Computer engineering technology, Systems engineering, Bioinformatics, Information systems, Software engineering, Library science, Communications, Applied mathematics, Medical office omputer specialist, Behavioral sciences, E-commerce IT project manager, Tech support, Network administrator, Web developer, Web site administrator, Information security analyst, Database administrator, Applications developer, Software tester  
Early childhood education Education Child development and learning, Parent-child relations, Curriculum methods in early education, early childhood children's literature, Music methods, Arts and the child, Early childhood language arts, Early childhood mathematics, Social development and play, Educational psychology, Classroom management and behavior, Instructional resources and technology, Professional issues or foundations of education, Inclusion methods for special-needs students, Diversity of learners methods, Early childhood health and physical education None Elementary education, Middle school education, Special education, Teacher assistance, Communication disorders, Sociology, Human development and family studies, Behavioral sciences, Psychology, Social work, Child development, Child care management Teacher assistant or aide, Pre-school teacher, Kindergarten teacher, Child care administrator, Family service coordinator  
Elementary education Education Child development and learning, History and philosophy of education, Curriculum methods in elementary education, Teaching language arts, Teaching mathematics, Teaching science, Teaching social studies, Reading fundamentals, Educational psychology, Classroom management and behavior, Educational assessment and measurement, Instructional resources and technology, Special education needs and issues, Schooling in a culturally diverse society None Early childhood education, Middle school education, Special education, Teacher assistance, Reading teacher education, Communications, Family/consumer sciences education, Behavioral sciences, Psychology, Social work, Child development, Sociology School administrators, Educationsl researchers, Curriculum specialists, Reading specialists, School counselors  
Middle school education Education Introduction to middle school educatoin, Early adolescent learners, Classroom management, Specific subject curriculum, Content methods, Philosophy of middle grades education, Curriculum of middle grades education, Reading and writing across subject areas, Research and analysis of middle grades education, Health and safety issues in middle schools, Instructional design and technology, Teaching students with special needs, Schooling in a culturally diverse society Specific content areas, such as science, math, language arts, social studies, and music Child development, Secondary education, Special education, ESL teacher education, Bilingual/bicultural education, Human development and family studies, Native American education, Liberal arts and sciences, Juvenile corrections, Youth ministry, Social work, Psychology Middle school teacher, Secondary school teacher, Elementary school teacher, School counselor, School administrator  
Physical education Education Biology, Physics, Anatomy and physiology, Human growth and development, Motor learning and development, Observation and analysis of motor skills, Physical education teaching methods, Methods for teaching lifetime fitness, Physical education curriculum, Multicultural education, Education psychology, History and philosophy of physical education, Tests and measures in physical education, Administration of physical education programs, Adapted physical education, Coaching effectiveness Elemantary school physical education, Secondary school physical education, Adapted physical education, Athletic coaching Athletic traning, Exercise sciences, Sports and fitness administration, Parks, recreation, and leisure studies, Healthe teacher education, Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, Biology, Food and nutrition studies, Dance therapy, Recreational therapy, Community health services Physical education teacher (K-12), Recreation supervisor (community or private setting), Aerobic dance instructor, Physical trainer  
Secondary education Education Introduction to secondary education, Issues and trends in secondary education, Adolescent behavior and development, Educational psychology, History and foundations of education, Educational technology, Specific subject curriculum, Specific subject instructional methods, Classroom management, Diversity/multicultural education, Teaching students with special needs, Testing in the classroom None Middle school education, Special education, ESL teacher education, Liberal arts and sciences, Agricultural education services, Human resources management, Juvenile corrections, Psychology, Social work, Sociology High School teacher, School principal or assistant, School superintendent or assistant, Curriculum director, School counselor, Educationsl writer, Program director in Scouting, 4-H, Youth programs, churches, or other organizations  
Special education Education  Early childhood, elementary, or secondary special education, Learning disabilities, Mental retardation, Autism, deaf/hard of hearing, Visual impairments, Severe/profound disabilities, Emotional/behavioral disorders Communication disorders, Child development, Audiology/speech pathology, Education of learning disabled, Education of physically handicapped, Early childhood education, American sign language (ASL), Art therapy, Occupational therapy, Physical therapy, Recreational therapy, Human development and family studies Special education teacher, Special education instructional assistant, Special education advocate, Educational administrator, Parent educator, Psychologist, Lobbyist, Policy analyst, Educational researcher  
Aeronautics and aviation science Physical sciences Aeronautics, Flight instruction, Meteorology, Aerodynamics, Aircraft performance, Aircraft engines, High speed, long range navigation, Aircraft systems and components, Flight physiology, Crew resource management, jet transport systems, Flight safety, Flight technique analysis, Turbojet techniques and crew procedure, Electronic navigation and flight control systems, International flight operations Airline pilot, Corporate pilot, Law enforcement aviation, Agricultural aviation, Military pilot (ROTC) Aviation management, Aeronautical/aerospace engineering, Atmospheric science, Physics, Transportation management, Geography, Air traffic control, Aircraft powerplant technology, Avionics maintenance/technology, Military technologies Passenger airline pilot, Corporate pilot, Military pilot, Aircraft dispatcher, Flight instructor, Natural resources pilot, Fireflighting pilot, Law enforcement pilot, Aerial applicator  
Applied physics Physical sciences Calculus and analysitc geometry, Classical mechanics, Quantum mechanics, Electricity and magnestism, Thermodynamics, Physics of waves, Optics, Acoustics, Materials science, Nanotechnology, Applied nuclear physics, Fiber optics, Optoelectronics, Solid state physics, Computer modeling, Statistical mechanics Acoustics, Optics, Nanotechnology, Biophysics, Computational physics, Space science, Environmental science, Microelectronics Aplied mathematics, Biophysics, Biomedical engineering, Architectural engineering, Environmental engineering, Nuclear engineering, Industrial design, Aeronautics and aviation science, Aeronautical/aerospace engineering, Radiologic technology/medical imaging, Robotics, Entrepreneurial studies Optical engineer, Medical physicist, Researcher, Acoustics engineer, Materials scientist, Laser technologist  
Oceanography Physical sciences Physical oceanography, Chemical oceanography, Geological oceanography, Biological oceanography, Waves and tides, Fluid mechanics, Meteorology, Marine ecology, Environmental physiology of marine animals, Sedimentology, Marine pollution, Barrier islands and coastal lagoons, Oceanic and atmospheric processes, Polar oceanography, Estuarine oceanography, Sampling techniques and field studies Biological oceanography, Chemical oceanography, Geological oceanography, Physical oceanography, marine resource management Marine biology, Ocean engineering, Fishing and fisheries, Marine engineering/naval architecture, Water, wetlands, and marine management, Geology/earth science, Atmospheric science, Environmental science, Geography, Aquaculture, Marine science/Merchant Marine, Underwater diving Middle school or high school earth science teacher, Government, faculty, or industry researcher, Government agency staff oceanographer (U.S. Geological Survey, National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, state environmental protection agencies), Marine technician  
Construction technology Engineering technology Planning and scheduling, Safety, security, and environmental impact, Blueprint reading, Site surveying, planning, and design, Cost estimating, Architecture and urban form, Construction practices and methods, Computer-integrated construction (CIC), Electrical systems, Groundwater hydrology, Soils and foundations, Construction materials and systems, Reinforced concrete design, Materials handling, Structural steel design, Technical report writing Structural design, Construction management, Construction engineering Civil engineering, Construction management, Structural engineering, Architectural engineering technology, Drafting and design technology, Historic preservation, Housing and human environments, Surveying technology, Heating/air conditioning/refrigeration technology, Heavy/earthmoving equipment operation, Parks, recreation, and leisure studies, Theater design and technology,  Field engineer, Job expeditor, Project manager, Field supervisor, Site inspector, Scheduler, Contract administrator, Estimator, Designer  
Drafting and design technology Engineering technology Blueprint reading, Technical drawing, Computer-aided drafting (CAD) I & II, Engineering design graphics, Construction materials, Manufacturing processes, Solid modeling, Machine drafting, Architectural drafting, Business and technical writing, Geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, Descriptive geometry, Building codes, Architectural delineatoin, Electromechanical design, Product design  Product design, Architectural drafting Graphic design, Architectural technology, Surveying technology, Architectural engineering technology, Mechanical engineering, technology, Industrial design, Medical illustrating, Digital media, Animation, Cartography, Computer science, Geology/earth science  CAD operator, Drafter or designer, Engineering technician, Design engineer, CAD systems manager, Technical illustrator  
Surveying technology Engineering technology Calculus and analytic geometry, Basic statistics, Physics, Surveying fundamentals, Advanced surveying, Engineering and construction surveying, Measurement error analysis and adjustment, Geodetic datums and coordinate systems, Photogrammetry, Land information systems, real estate law, Boundary surveying principles, Technical writnig, Soil mechanics, Statics and strength of materials, Hydrology and drainage  Geodetic (large-area) surveying, Mine surveying, Hydrographic surveying, Cartography, Photogrammetry (aerial surveying), Geographic information science Cartography, Civil engineering, Drafting and design technology, Real estate, Forest engineering, Landscape architecture, Geology/earth science, Geography, Construction management, Land use planning, Mining and mineral engineering, Instrumentation technology  Surveying technician, Draftnig technician, Photogrammetric technician, Professional land surveyor, GIS manager, Consultant  
Telecommunications technology Engineering technology Communication systems, Electrical circuits and systems, Data communications, Telephony, Digital transmission, Central offices, Local-area networks and wide-area networks, Internet protocols (IP) for data and voice, Fiber optics, Telecom testing techniques, Wireless systems, Radio frequency design, Network planning and design, Satellite networks, Microwave link design, Network management Data communications, Local-area networks (LAN), Wide-area networks (WAN), Telephony (transmission and switching), Wireless systems (wireless LAN, microwave links, satellites), Fiber optics Electrical engineering technology, Radio and television, Recording arts, Information technology, Computer engineering technology, Communications, Electrical drafting/CAD/CADD, Communications systems installation/repair, Digital media, Medical records technology, Technical and business writing, Management information systems Design engineer, Network developer, Network administrator, Network applications support specialist, Test engineer, Radio frequency (RF) engineer, Sales engineer, Facilities engineer, Telecom manager  
American literature English language and literature Survey of American literature, The American novel, American drama, Native American literature, Melville, Faulkner, The American Renaissance, American poetry, African-American literature, Literature by American women, American autobiography, American poetry, Senior seminar Comparative studies, Creative writing English, American studies, African-American studies, Publishing, Native American studies, American history (U.S.), Media studies, English literature (British), Comparative literature, Political science, Women's studies, Creative writing High school teacher, Journalist, Editor, College professor  
Technical and business writing English language and literature Foundatoins in technical communications, Technical editing, Software documentation, Product documentation, Correspondence and report writing, Graphics for technical communications, Documentation process and management, Writing grant proposals, Web authoring, Science writing, Business writing, Multimedia for training and tutorials, Usability testing for technical communications, Internationalizing/localizing documentation Internet publishing, Scientific writing, Business writing, Writing for the arts Desktop publishing, Information systems, Web page/multimedia design, Creative writing, Management information systemsm, Public realtions, Design/visual communications, Drafting and design technology, Digital media, Business communications, Computer graphics, Medical records administration Workplace technical communicator, Software documentation writer, Web site editor/writer, Informatoin architect, Product planner, Marketing technical communicator  
Clothing, apparel, and textile studies Family and consumer sciences Textile fundamentals, Apparel design, Sociology of clothing, Clothing construction, Mass production of apparel, Figure and fashion illustration, Promotion and marketing principles, Historic textiles and costumes, Textiles in non-apparel uses, Tailoring, Product development, Advanced textile testing and analysis, Computer-aided design, Merchandise buying and management, Contemporary fashion designers, Textile and apparel economics Buying, Product development, Textile production, Apparel design and production, Fashion promotion and marketing, Interior merchandising Fashion and apparel design, Textile science, Fashion merchandising, Textile sciences/engineernig, Retailing, Marketing, Family and consumer sciences, Advertising, Fiber/textile arts, Theater design and technology, Interior design Buyer, Product developer, Product manager, Market researcher, Fashion coordinator, Fashion reporter, Fashion or textile designer, Pattern maker, Visual merchandising manager  
Culinary arts and chef training Family and consumer sciences Professional cooking, Foundations of baking, International cooking, Advanced cooking, Banquets and catering, Garde-manager (cold food preparation), Fabrication and charcuterie, Nutritoin, Food science, Restaurant management, Food service sanitation, Menu planning and purchasing, Food and beverage control, Human resources management  Pastry arts, Baking Restaurant/food services management, Food and nutrition studies, Food science, Dietetics, Hospitality administration and management, Baking/pastry arts, Nutrition sciences, Human resources management, Italian studies, Entrepreneurial studies Cook, Sous chef, Executive chef, Food and beverage director, Restaurant manager, Restaurateur  
Family and consumer sciences Family and consumer sciences Personal and family financial management, Child development, Family relations, Consumer economics, Housing and interior design, Food science, Fundamentals of nutrition, Nutrition in the life cycle, Community nutrition, Apparel production and analysis, Consumer textiles, Human development Child development, Family relations, Consumer economics (including personal finance), Apparel design, Fashion merchandising, Textiles, Housing and interiors, Food and nutrition, Family and consumer science education Human services, Psychology, Environmental design, Culinary arts and chef training, Dietetics, Gerontology, Fashion and apparel design, Interior design, Business administration and management, Community health services, Sociology, Youth services High school teacher, Child care professional, Family services professional, Community agency administrator, Sales representative, Product designer, Financial planner  
Housing and human environments Family and consumer sciences Housting in contemporary society, Advanced housing theories, Housing alternatives, Housing policy, Housing counseling, Household technology and systems, Family demographics and policy, Interiors and furnishings, Kitchen and bath design, Real estate, State and local developments, Special needs housing, Family resource management, Property management, Principles of family finance Property management, Public policy, Interiors Real estate, Home furnishings, Construction technology, Social work, Historic preservation, Public administration, Urban, community, and regional planning, Construction management, Interior design, Sociology, Civil engineering Commercial real estate broker, Residential property manager, Construction project manager, Residential home loan officer, Area housing administrator, Housing counselor, mortgage originator, Homebuilder, Banking officer, Research analyst   
Human development and family studies Family and consumer sciences Lifespan human development, Child guidance and parenting, Family finance, Communications in human development, Early childhood education, Human sexuality, Administration of child and family services, Family education and intervention programs, Child socialization, Family interaction, Death and dying: a fmily and lifespan perspective, Children and families in a multiethnic society, Work and family systems, Families and public policy, Contemporary family issues, Issues in family health Early childhood education, Child development, Adolescent development, Adult development and aging, Family studies, Consumer education, Family resource management Psychology, Sociology, Early childhood education, Gerontology, Funeral services/mortuary science, Child care management, Occupational therapy, Adult development/aging, Child development, Food and nutrition studies, Work/family studies, Social work Counselor, Early childhood educator, Child care or youth program administrator, Human services agency administrator, Family life educator, Family or consumer advocate, Child care curriculum coordinator, Senior center coordinator, Family financial planner  
Athletic training Health Prevention and care of athletic injuries, Assessment of extremity injuries, Assessment of illnesses, General medical conditions and disabilities, First Aid and emergency care, Therapeutic modalities, Therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation techniques, Human anatomy, Human physiology, Exercise physiology, Kinesiology or biomechanics, Nutrition, Strength and reconditioning, Pharmacology, Pathology, Psychosocial intervention None Physical therapy, Recreational therapy, Sports and fitness administration, Sports communications, Occupational therapy, Exercise sciences, Physical education, Health/physical fitness, Emergency medical technology (EMT paramedic), Physician assistant, Parks, recreation, and leisure studies, Hospitality administration and management High school athletic trainer, College athletic trainer, Clinical athletic trainer (sports medicine clinic or hospital), Industrial athletic trainer, Professional sports athletic trainer, Medical sales representative  
Clinical/medical laboratory technology Health Introduction to the clinical laboratory, Clinical chemistry, Hematology, Immunology, Immunohematology, Microbiology, Quality assessment, Anatomy and physiology, College algebra, General chemistry and lab, English composition, Urinalysis/body fluids, Clinical internship Clinical chemistry, Hematology, Immunology, Clinical microbiology, Urinalysis Chemistry, biochemistry, Biomedical technology, Molecular biology, Cytotechnology, Microbiology, Forensic science, Phlebotomy, Biotechnology, Dental laboratory technology, Clinical laboratory science, Radiologic technology/medical imaging Clinical/medical laboratory technologist, Microbiologist, Laboratory directore, Forensic analyst, Biotechnician, Research technician, Technical/marketing sales representative  
Communication disorders Health Survey of communication disorder, Phonetics, Normal speech and language development, Audiology, Anatomy and physiology, Articulation disorders, Language disorders, Aural rehabilitation, Diagnostics, Augmentative communication Childhood speech, Language disorders Child development, Psychology, Gerontology, Special education, Education of speech impaired, Linguistics, Audiology/speech impaired, Linguistics, Audiology/speech pathology, American sign language (ASL), Anthropology, Speech teacher education, Education of deaf/hearing impaired, Speech/rhetorical studies School speech/language therapist, Speech pathologist, Audiologist, Speech scientist  
Dental hygiene Health Pharmacology, Histology, Pathology, Radiology, Microbiology, Chemistry, Dental anatomy, Preventive dentistry, Dental materials, Dental hygiene techniques, Nutrition, Office mergencies, Office management, Introduction to clinic procedures  None Clinical/medical laboratory technology, Dental laboratory technology, Physical therapy, Makeup artist, Public health education, Ophthalmic technology, Physician assistant, Radiologic technology/medical imaging, Medical records technology, Dietetics, Social work, American sign language (ASL)  Dental hygiene practitioner, Clinical instructor, Clinical researcher  
Emergency medical technology (EMT paramedic) Health Anatomy and physiology, College math, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Bioterrorism, Medical and trauma assessment, Emergency care analysis and intervention, Communications and computer operations, Crisis scene management, Accounting and budgeting, Advanced cardiac life support, Prehospital field techniques, Vehicle rescue, Equipment operation and maintenance, Prehospital trauma life support, Professional standards Pharmacology, Trauma assessment, Anatomy and physiology, Emergency care and analysis Physician assistant, Nursing (RN), Athletic training, Community health/preventative medicine, Respiratory therapy, Occupational safety/health technology, Forensic science, Emergency management/homeland security, Hazardous materials technology, Fire protection and safety technology, Paralegal studies, Social work Paramedic, Emergency room technician, Firefighter, Police officer, Occupation health officer, State office of EMS employee, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) employee, Infection control officer, EMS coordinator, EMS supervisor  
Health care administration Health Introduction to health care, Organizational behavior, Statistics, Epidemiology, Health policy, Ethics, Strategic planning, Marketing health care, Economics of health care, Accounting, Management informatoin systems, Public health, Health law, Health care management, Financial management, Human resources management Long-term health care, Health informatoin systems, Physician practice management Business administration and management, Occupational health/industrial hygiene, Insurance, Funeral services/mortuary science, Health services administration, Biotechnology, Psychology, Public administration, Human services, Social work, Community health services, Management information systems Health plan administrator, Health policy analyst, Hospital or health system management, Nurse management, Nursing home administrator, Physician group practice administrator, Public health administrator, Pharmaceutical sales representative  
Licensed practical nursing Health Nursing (lecture and clinical courses), Nutrition, Pharmacology, English composition, Chemistry, Anatomy and physiology, Microbiology, Psychology, Developmental psychology, Sociology None Nursing (RN), Dietetics, Physician assistant, Psychology, Dental hygiene, Physical therapy, Art therapy, Gerontology, Medical office administration, Human development and family studies, American sign language (ASL), Emergency medical technology (EMT paramedic) Specialty certification is available to LPNs in areas such as long-term care, pharmacology, I.V. therapy, and gerontology  
Physician assistant Health Anatomy, History taking and physical diagnosis, Pharmacology, Microbiology, Behavioral sciences, Clinical medicine, Obstetrics and gynecology, Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Psychiatry, Surgery, Critical care, Medical laboratory sciences, Radiology, Health care delivery, Ethics None Optometric assistant, Licensed practical nursing, Radiologic technology/medical imaging, Athletic training, Funeral services/mortuary science, Respiratory therapy, Medical records administration, Medical records administration, Medical illustration, Forensic science, Biology, Biomedical engineering Primary care areas such as internal medicine, Pediatrics, and family medicine. Special areas such as general and thoracic surgery, Emergency medicine, Orthopedics, and geriatrics  
Predental Health Inorganic (general) chemistry, Organic chemistry, Biology, Zoology, Biochemistry, Physics, Calculus, College mathematics, English, Psychology, Cell biology, Genetics, Anatomy and physiology, Speech communication, Computer science, Sculpture None Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Dental laboratory technology, Biomedical technology, Entrepreneurial studies, Anthropology, Occupational therapy, Communication disorders, Medical office administration, Forensic science Dentist, Oral surgeon, Orthodontist, Dental or medical laboratory technician  
Premedicine Health Inorganic chemistry, Biology, Calculus, Organic chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Cell biology, Genetics, Sociology, English, Statistics, Biochemistry, Computer science, Bioethics, Neuroscience, Medical chemistry  None Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Music therapy, Physician assistant, Biomedical engineering, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, Health care administration, Emergency medical technology (EMT paramedic), Neuroscience  Medical doctor, Osteopathic doctor, Podiatrist, Physician assistant, Physician/scientist, Optometrist, Physical therapist, Pharmacist, Radiologist  
Preveterinary Health Inorganic (general) chemistry, Organic chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Zoology, Physics, Calculus, Speech communication, Statistics, English, Animal science, Genetics, Comparative anatomy, Microbiology, Animal nutrition, Business management None Animal sciences, Biology, Zoology, Anthropology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Wildlife and wilderness management, Agricultural and biological engineering, Genetics, Veterinary technology, Wildlife biology, Equestrian studies Private practice or employed in a variety of areas such as teaching at colleges and universities, Conducting biomedical research in the public or private sector, or working for local, state, or federal agencies, departments or agriculture, and public health services that regulate or ptoect animals as well as people  
Radiologic technology/medical imaging Health Radiologic physics, Radiographic positioning, Imaging equipment, Medical terminology, Human anatomy and physiology, Radiographic exposure, Radiobiology and protection, Radiographic pathology, Clinical practice, Cross-sectional anatomy, Health law and ethics, Principles of radiation exposure Radiation biology; Fluroscopy, and anatomical positioning Laser/optical technology, Clinical/medical laboratory technology, Respiratory therapy, Electrical engineering technology, Computer science, Nuclear medical technology, Photographic/film/video technology, Physician assistant, Ophthalmic technology, Neuroscience, Animation, Radiation protectin/health physics technology Radiologic technologists, Radiography such as heart catheterization, CT or MRI, Ultrasound, Mammography, Nuclear medicine, Radiation therapy, Commercial sales, Equipment repair, Radiation health physics, Education, or administration  
Respiratory therapy Health Human anatomy and physiology, Medical terminology, Cardiopulmonary pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Respiratory therapy procedures, Physical assessment, Mechanical ventilation, Neonatal and pediatric care, Critical care, Home care, Pulmonary function testing, Sleep disorders and their treatment, Microbiology, Pulmonary rehabilitation, Pulmonary diagnostics Neonatal/pediatric respiratory care, Adult critical care, Home care/extended care, Polysomnography (sleep disorders, sleep medicine), cardiovascular technology, and pulmonary functoin testing Cardiovascular technology, Physician assistant, Occupational therapy, Renal/dialysis technology, Clinical/medical laboratory technology, Licensed practical nursing, Gerontology, Biomedical technology, Social work, Recreational therapy, Radiologic technology/medical imaging Respiratory therapist, Advanced-practice respiratory therapist, Polysomnography technologist (sleep tech), Cardiac ultrasound technician, Perfusionist (operates bypass during heart surgery)  
Veterinary technology Health Animcal anatomy and physiology, Parasitology, Clinical laboratory techniques, Animal nutrition, Large animal clinical procedures, Small animal clinical procedures, Veterinary pharmacology and anesthesia, Animal disease, Veterinary radiology and surgical nursing, Lab animal science and exotics, Externship/internship None Biology, Animal sciences, Wildlife and wilderness management, Animal breeding, Equestrian studies, Dairy science, Zoology, Genetic, Biotechnology, Wildlife biology Veterinary technician  
Liberal arts and sciences Humanities English literature, Biological concepts, Environmental science, American history since 1865, World religions, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Fundamentals of economics, Cultural anthropology, Philosophy, Probability and stiatistics, Foreign language I & II, Communications, Music history, Art history Gender studies, Multicultural studies, Social sciences, Literature and linguistics, Natural sciences Humanities, Journalism, English, American studies, Mathematics, Natural sciences, Communications, Global studies, Environmental studies, Women's studies, Classics, Philosophy Teacher, Lawyer, Doctor, Journalist, Filmmaker  
American Sign Language (ASL) Languages  Comparative analysis of ASL and English, ASL literature, ASL classifiers, ASL incorporated numbers and fingerspelling, Introduction to methods of teaching ASL, Introduction to Deaf studies, Deaf Culture, History of the Deaf community, Communicatoin in gestures, Senior thesis/seminar ASL teacher education, ASL interpretation Communication disorders, Education of Deaf/hearing impaired, Special education, Audiology/hearing sciences, Linguistics, Sign language interpretation, Anthropology, Human services, Foreign languages/literatures, Audiology/speech pathology, Child development ASL interpreter, High school teacher, ASL specialist  
Arabic Languages  Literary Arabic, Islamic texts, Classical Arabic texts, Philosophical and Kalam texts, Modern Arabic literature, Arabic media, Shi'ia in Islamic history, Contemporary Islamic thought, History of the Arabs, Spoken Egyptian Arabic, Spoken Moroccan Arabic, Western Islamic art, Survey of the Middle East from 500 to the present, Islamic civilization: premodern Islam, Islamic civilization: Islam and the modern world None Near and Middle Eastern studies, Linguistics, Ancient Near Eastern/Biblical languages, History, Religious studies, Art history, Musicology/ethnomusicology, Political science, Classics, Islamic studies, Judaic studies, International relations College professor, Translator/interpreter, Foreign Service Officer, Journalist (1) Univ of Chicago, (2) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (3) Univ of Pennsylvania, (4) Harvard Univ, (5) Princeton Univ, (6) NYU, (7) Johns Hopkins Univ, (8) Columbia Univ, (9) Georgetown Univ 
Agricultural business Business Accounting, Economics, Human resources, Marketing, Public Policy analysis, Business law, Finance, Management, International trade Agribusiness finance, Consumption, Economic development, International agriculture, Public policy Agricultural education, Agronomy, Animal sciences, Business administration Food sciences, Forestry, Soil sciences Agricultural statistician, Commodity merchandiser, Market analyst, Natural resources manager, Production supervisor, Public relations representative, Quality assurance supervisor, Sales representative (1) Cornell Univ, (2) Michigan St Univ, (3) Pennsylvania St Univ-Univ Park, (4) Univ of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, (5) Univ of Minnesota, (6) Univ of Iowa, (7) Colorado St Univ, (8) Purdue Univ-West Lafayette, (9) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (10) UC Davis 
Accounting Business Introductory accounting, Intermediate accounting, Advanced accounting, Auditing, Cost accounting, Taxation, International accounting, Accounting information systems, Government and not-for-profit accounting, Financial statement analysis None Finance, Management information systems, Accounting technology/bookkeeping, Information systems, Statistics, Economics, Insurance, Public administartion, Real estate, International business, Marketing, Theater arts management Auditor, Tax accountant/adviser, Risk assurance/information technology consultant, Corporate accountant, Financial planner, Fraud examiner, Government investigator (IRS, FBI) (1) Univ of Pennsylvania, (2) Indiana Univ-Bloomington, (3) Univ of Michgan-Ann Arbor, (4) UC Berkeley, (5) Univ of Texas-Austin, (6) NYU, (7) Univ of Notre Dame, (8) Univ of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, (9) Purdue Univ-West Lafayette, (10) Washington Univ in St. Louis, (11) USC, (12) Emory Univ 
Astronomy Physical sciences Starts galaxies, and cosmology, Planetary astronomy, Observational astronomical techniques, Planetary gelogy, Archaeoastronomy and the history of astronomy, Computer science, Multiwavelength astronomy, Calculus, Quantum physics, Planetary physics, Galactic astronomy, Extragalactic astronomy and cosmology, Stellar structure and evolution, Astrophysical techniques, Observational radio astronomy, Observational optical astronomy  Observational astronomy, Planetary science, Extragalactic astronomy and cosmology, Multiwavelength astronomy  Astrophysics, Planetary sciences, Atmospheric sciences, Computer sciences, Geology/earth science, Physics, Aeronautical/aerospace engineering, Mathematics, Aeronautics and aviation science Most astronomers working in the field do research at universities, observatories, or laboratories, or teach at the high school or college level. A small number work in planetariums and science museums. (1) Cal Tech, (2) UC Berkeley, (3) Harvard Univ, (4) Cornell Univ, (5) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (6) MIT, (7) Univ of Arizona, (8) Univ of Maryland-College Park, (9) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (10) UCLA, (11) Yale Univ, (12) Univ of Texas-Austin, (13) Northwestern Univ, (14) Univ of Pennsylvania, (15) USC 
Astrophysics Physical sciences Principles of astrophysics, Waves and particles, Quantum mechanics, Differential equations, Stars and star formation, Topics in modern astronomy, Galactic astronomy, Extragalactice astronomy, Cosmology, The early universe, Plasma astrophysics, The interstellar medium, High-energy astrophysics, General relativity Theoretical astrophysics, Observational astronomy, Cosmology, High-energy astrophysics Physics, Aeronautical/aerospace engineering, Astronomy, Planetary sciences, Geology/earth science, Geophysics/seismology, Nuclear engineering, Mathematics, Computer science, Aeronautical/aerospace engineering technology, Philosophy  Professor, Researcher, Science teacher, Software developer (1) MIT, (2) Cal Tech, (3) Princeton Univ, (4) Indiana Univ-Bloomington, (5) Univ of Minnesota, (6) Harvard Univ, (7) Purdue Univ-West Lafayette, (8) Univ of Pennsylvania, (9) Univ of Virginia, (10) Univ of Oklahoma 
Biochemistry Biological science Analytic chemistry, Organic chemistry, Calculus, Physics, Microbiology, Physical chemistry, Biochemistry, Quantitative analysis, Cell biology, Genetics, Inorganic chemistry, Physiology, Immunology, Physical biochemistry Biotechnology, Toxicology, Pharmacology, Cell biology, Immunology, Neurochemistry, Genetics, Hematology, Bacteriology Cell biology and histology, Microbiology, Molecular biology, Clinical nutrition, Neuroscience, Pharmacy, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Clinical/medical laboratory technology, Biomedical engineering, Chemical engineering, Forensic science  College professor, Physician, Research technician, Research scientist, Science teacher (1) Harvard Univ, (2) MIT, (3) UC Berkeley, (4) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (5) Yale Univ, (6) UCLA, (7) Cornell Univ, (8) UC San Diego, (9) Univ of Chicago, (10) Univ of Illinois-Urbana-Campaign, (11) Columbia Univ, (12) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (13) Univ of Pennsylvania, (14) UC Davis, (15) Brandeis Univ, (16) Northwestern Univ, (17) Princeton Univ, (18) Rice Univ, (19) Purdue Univ-West Lafayette, (20) NYU, (21) USC 
Biology (Life Science) Biological Science Genetics, Cell biology, Microbiology, Molecular biology, Developmental biology, Immunology, Animal/plant physiology, Animal behavior, Plant biology, Environmental biology, Ecology, Evolution Biochemistry, Botany, Environmental science, Microbiology, Molecular biology, Neuroscience, Zoology Agronomy and crop science, Environmental science, Wildlife and wilderness management, Forestry, Veterinary technology, Marin biology, Anthropology, Biomedical engineering, Entomology, Zoology, Biotechnology Teacher, Industrial/university researcher, Lab technician, Government biologist, Health care professional, Health care administrator, Sales/marketing representative (1) Cal Tech, (2) MIT, (3) Yale Univ, (4) Harvard Univ, (5) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (6) UC San Diego, (7) UC Berkeley, (8) Columbia Univ, (9) Stanford Univ, (10) Univ of Chicago, (11) Duke Univ, (12) Washington Univ in St. Louis, (13) UC Los Angeles, (14) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (15) Cornell Univ, (16) Univ of Pennsylvania, (17) Johns Hopkin Univ, (18) Northwestern Univ, (19) Princeton Univ, (20) UC Irvine, (21) UC Santa Barbara, (22) Brown Univ, (23) Tufts Univ, (24) USC, (25) UC Riverside 
Botany (Plant Biology) Biological Science General biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Genetics, Plant anatomy and physiology, Field ecology, Plant evolution, Photosynthesis, Plant taxonomy and systematics, Mycology (fungi), Pteridophytes (ferns), Phycology (algae), Lichens and bryophytes, Vascular plant morphology, Paleobotony Plant physiology, Plant ecology, Plant genetics Horticulture, Genetics, Ecology, Plant pathology, Agricultural and biological engineering, Wood science/paper/pulp technology, Agronomy and crop science, Range science, Landscape architecture, Herbalism, Floriculture, Forestry Laboratory technician, Manager of a nature conservancy or environmentally protected area, Technical artist, Illustrator or photographer, Curator of a museum, Herbarium or arboretum, Pharmaceutical researcher or investigator, Plant breeder  (1) UC Davis, (2) Cornell Univ, (3) Univ of Texas-Austin, (4) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (5) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (6) Duke Univ, (7) Univ of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, (8) UC Riverside, (9) Indiana Univ-Bloomington, (10) Washington Univ in St. Louis 
Business administration and management Business Accounting I & II, Business law, Economics, International trade and business, Business finance, Human resources, Managing information technology, Managerial communication, Principles of marketing, Business statistics, Production management, Operations management, Organizational design and development, Leadership, Quality planning and improvement, Strategic formulation and implementation Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, International business, Leadership, Marketing, Organizational behavior, Production operations management Agribusiness operations, Entrepreneurial studies, Marketing, International business, Construction management, Emergency management/homeland security, Music management, Parks/recreational/leisure facilities management, E-commerce, Public administration, Economics, Nonprofit/public organization management Management trainee or assistant manager, Sales or account representative, Corporate executive, Management consultant, Franchise or small business owner, Human resources specialist, Systems analyst, Financial analyst, Venture capitalist  (1) Univ of Pennsylvania, (2) Indiana Univ-Bloomington, (3) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (4) UC Berkeley, (5) Univ of Virginia, (6) NYU, (7) Univ of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, (8) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (9) Purdue Univ-West Lafayette, (10) Univ of Texas-Austin, (11) Washington Univ in St. Louis, (12) USC, (13) Univ of Notre Dame, (14) Syracuse Univ, (15) Emory Univ 
Cell biology and histology Biological science Physics, Calculus, Organic chemistry, Cell biology, Molecular biology, Genetics, Biochemistry, Cell physiology, Immunology, Developmental biology, Neurobiology, Structural biology, Virology, Histology/microanatomy, Microscopy/microtechnique, Electron microscopy None Molecular biology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Genetics, Biomedical engineering, Chemical engineering, Biomedical technology, Biotechnology, Clinical/medical laboratory technology  (1) MIT, (2) Cal Tech, (3) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (4) UC San Diego, (5) Univ of Chicago, (6) UC Berkeley, (7) Purdue Univ, (8) Brown Univ, (9) Northwestern Univ, (10) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (11) Carnegie Mellon Univ, (12) Cornell Univ 
Chemistry Physical sciences General chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Organic chemistry, Physical chemistry, Analytical chemistry, Biochemistry, Thermodynamics, Quantitative analysis, Instrumental analysis, Environmental chemistry, Spectroscopy and crystallography, Biochemistry, Polymer and materials chemistry Analytical chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Organic chemistry, Physical chemistry Atmospheric science, Environmental science, Clinical/medical laboratory technology, Soil science, Chemical engineering, Materials engineering, Biochemistry, Molecular biology, Chemical technology, Forensic science, Pharmacy, Chemistry teacher education Industrial or pharmaceutical research chemist, Physician, Pharmacist, or other medical professional, Pharmaceutical sales representative, High school chemistry teacher, Chemical lab technician, Food scientist, Government inspector (for FDA or EPA), Crime lab analyst or forensic chemist, Occupational safety specialist, Environmental consultant (1) Cal Tech, (2) UC Berkeley, (3) Harvard Univ, (4) MIT, (5) Columbia Univ, (6) Stanford Univ, (7) Univ of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, (8) Univ of Chicago, (9) UCLA, (10) Cornell Univ, (11) Northwestern Univ, (12) Princeton Univ, (13) Yale Univ, (14) Purdue Univ, (15) UC San Diego, (16) Univ of Notre Dame, (17) Brown Univ, (18) Carnegie Mellon Univ, (19) Rice Univ, (20) USC, (21) UC Riverside, (22) Dartmouth Univ, (23) UC Santa Barbara, (24) UC Irvine, (25) Johns Hopkins Univ, (26) UC Davis, (27) Duke Univ 
Chinese language and literature Languages  Elementary Chinese, Intermediate Chinese, Advanced Chinese, Advanced classical Chinese, Traditional Chinese literature, Modern Chinese fiction, Modern Chinese film, Modern Chinese theater, Chinese philosophy, Chinese religion, Chinese history, East Asian civilization, Chinese linguistics, Chinese gender and women's studies, Chinese music, Chinese art Chinese language, Chinese literature, Chinese calligraphy Asian studies, Linguistics, Asia-American studies, Comparative literature, Foreign language teacher education, Philosophy, History, Chinese studies, East Asian studies, International relations, East Asian languages, Art history Chinese language teacher, ESL teacher, Foreign Service Officer, Administrator or analyst for an international NGO (nongovernmental organization), Translator/interpreter, Journalist (1) Harvard Univ, (2) Cornell Univ, (3) Univ of Chicago, (4) Univ of Pennsylvania, (5) UC Berkeley, (6) Columbia Univ, (7) Stanford Univ, (8) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (9) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (10) YaleUniv, (11) Georgetown Univ 
Classics Humanities Elementary Greek, Intermediate Greek (Plato, Homer), Elementary Latin, Intermediate Latin (Caesar, Ovid), Ancient philosophy, Classical art and archaeology, Greek and Roman civilization, Athenian democracy, Classical mythology, Tragedy and comedy, Elegiac poetry, Lyric poetry, Epic and lyric, Virgil and Horace, Livy and Tacitus, Homer, Herodotus Classics and philosophy, Classics and archaeology, Classics and religion, Classics and ancient history, Classics and art Comparative literature, Medieval and Renaissance studies, History, Philosophy, Archaology, Linguistics, Liberal arts and sciences, Judaic studies, Ancient studies, Ancient Near Eastern/Biblical languages, Architectural hitsory and criticism, Speech/rhetorical studies Law, Medicine, Journalism, Education, Finance and Banking, Marketing, Management, Government, Computer programming, Publishing, Speechwriting, TV production, Ministry (1) Harvard Univ, (2) UC Berkeley, (3) Yale Univ, (4) Princeton Univ, (5) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (6) Bryn Mawr College, (7) Brown Univ, (8) Columbia Univ, (9) Univ of Pennsylvania, (10) Cornell Univ, (11) Stanford Univ, (12) Univ of Chicago, (13) Duke Univ, (14) Johns Hopkins Univ, (15) UCLA, (16) Vanderbilt Univ 
Communications Communications History of public address, Interpersonal communications, Organizational communications, Communications theory, Introduction to rhetoric, Media criticism, Interviewing, Radio/TV/film production, Introduction to digital media, Public relations, Public speaking, Argumentation, mass media and society, Group communications, Persuasion, Ethical and legal foundations of media practices Speech communications, Journalism, Advertising, Public relations, Political communications, Broadcasting, Film studies, Media studies, Theater arts Journalism, Business communications, Media studies, Deisgn/visual communications, Multimedia, Graphic design, Photography, Englihs, Drama and theater arts, Technical and business writing, Speech/rhetorical studies, Web page/multimedia design Sales associate, Staff worker in political, governmental, or social service organizations, Business/industry management trainer, Communications research specialist, Communications consultant (1) Northwestern Univ, (2) Stanford Univ, (3) Univ of Pennsylvania, (4) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (5) USC, (6) Univ of Iowa, (7) Univ of Texas-Austin, (8) Syracuse Univ, (9) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (10) Purdue Univ-Weset Lafayette 
Comparative literature Humanities Great books of Western culture, Medieval epic, Tragedy, Romanticism, Baroque and Neoclassicism, Proust, Mann, and Joyce, History and the novel, The novel of the self, Myths and legends, Literature of China and Japan, Literature of the Americas, Gender and interpretation, Narrative technique Literature of a particular nation or culture Anthropology, Medieval and Renaissance studies, Area, ethnic, and gender studies, Linguistics, English, Philosophy, Film/cinema studies, Global studies, Art history, International business, Creative writing, Religious studies Journalism, Business, Cultural institutions, Education, Publishing, Law, Government, Radio, Television, Film (1) UC Berkeley, (2) Harvard Univ, (3) Columbia Univ, (4) Yale Univ, (5) Univ of Chicago, (6) Univ of Pennsylvania, (7) Univ of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, (8) Princeton Univ, (9) Stanford Univ, (10) Cornell Univ, (11) Indiana Univ-Bloomington, (12) Brown Univ, (13) Northwestern Univ, (14) UC Irvine, (15) NYU, (16) Johns Hopkins Univ, (17) Brandeis Univ, (18) Washington Univ in St. Louis, (19) Dike Univ, (20) UC Santa Barbara 
Creative Writing English language and literature Introduction to creative writing, Poetry writing, Fiction writing, Journalism, Composition, Playwriting, Screenwriting, Argumentation, Advanced creative writing, Expository writing, Memoir/creative non-fiction writing, Topics in English composition Poetry, Fiction, Playwriting, Screenwriting, Creative nonfiction English, Drama and theater arts, Journalism, Publishing, Comparative literature, Advertising, Philosophy, Psychology, Business communications, Radio and television, Fine/studio arts, Technical and business writnig Freelance writer, Copywriter for advertising or marketing, Editor, Content manager fo rWeb site or other electronic publishing venue (1) Johns Hopkins Univ 
Dietetics Health Organic chemistry, Biochemistry, Anatomy and physiology, Microbiology, Food science, Food chemistry, Basic nutrition, Advanced nutrition and metabolism, Medical nutrition therapy, Maternal and child nutrition, Geriatric nutrition, Public health or Community nutrition, Quantity food production and procurement, Diet selection and management Clinical nutrition, Health and fitness, Institutional food management Culinary arts and chef training, Food and nutrition studies, Pharmacy, Sports and fitness administration, Physician assistant, Occupational therapy, Restaurant/food services management, Hospitality administration and management, Nutrition sciences, Public health education, Gerontology, Food science  Registered dietitian (RD) in clinical, administrative, or private practice, Registered dietitian technician (DTR) working in a school or health care facility, Restaurant manager, Extension educator, Research dietitian, Chef, Food industry representative (1) Cornell Univ, (2) Michigan St Univ, (3) UC Davis, (4) Purdue Univ-West Lafayette, (5) Colorado St Univ, (6) Iowa St Univ, (7) UC Berkeley, (8) Univ of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, (9) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (10) Ohio St Univ-Columbus 
English English language and literature Survey of English literature, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton, History of the English language, Medieval literature, Victorian literature, The Romantics, Modern English grammar, English drama, American literature, Continental literature, Critical theory, New voices in literature, Poetry, The modern short story Creative writing, Critical theory, Drama, Film, Linguistics, Ethnic literatures, Literature of a particular period Commuications, Drama and theater arts, Chicano studies, African-American studies, Comparative literature, Public relations, Medieval and Renaissance studies, Film/cinema studies, English teacher education, History, Philosophy, Classics Elementary, middle, or high school teacher, College professor, Editor, Journalist, Technical writer (1) Yale Univ, (2) UC Berkeley, (3) Harvard Univ, (4) Univ of Chicago, (5) Stanford Univ, (6) Cornell Univ, (7) Princeton Univ, (8) Columbia Univ, (9) Johns Hopkins Univ, (10) Univ of Pennsylvania, (11) UCLA, (12) Brown Univ, (13) Indiana Univ-Bloomington, (14) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (15) UC Irvine, (16) Northwestern Univ, (17) NYU, (18) Univ of Notre Dame, (19) Duke Univ, (20) Emory Univ, (21) Washington Univ in St. Louis, (22) Dartmouth College, (23) UC San Diego, (24) Pomona College, (25) Swarthmore College, (26) Haverfod College, (27) UC Santa Barbara 
Entomology Biological science General biology, Microbiology, Chemistry, General entomology, Insect physiology, Insect taxonomy and systematics, Field crop insects, Horticultural entomology, Livestock entomology, Insect behavior, Aquatic entomology, Beekeeping, Agricultural entomology (pest management), Medical entomology, Forest entomology, Urban entomology None Plane protection/pest management, Environmental science, Ecology, Sustainable agriculture, Zoology, Agricultural and biological engineering, Agronomy and crop science, Wildlife biology, Animal sciences, Aquatic biology/limnology Urban or agricultural pest management specialist, Government research technician or scientist, University research technician, Industry researcher, Industry technical or sales representattive, University extension agent  (1) UC Berkeley, (2) Cornell Univ, (3) Univ of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, (4) UC Davis, (5) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (6) UC Riverside, (7) Univ of Minnesota, (8) Purdue Univ-West Lafayette, (9) Ohio St Univ-Columbus, (10) Iowa St Univ 
Food and nutrition studies Family and consumer sciences Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Physiology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Nutrition, Community nutrition, Food chemistry, Food microbiology, Food preparation, Food product development, Food processing, Sensory evaluation Consumer-related issues, Food processing, Food product development, Food safety, Wellness studies, Clinical nutrition, Community nutritoin, Pre-health professional track for entry into graduate or medical school Food science, Chemistry, Dietetics, Culinary arts and chef training, Nutrition sciences, Sports and fitness administration, Food service, Institutional food production, Pharmacy, Restaurant/food services management, Hospitality administration and management Food purchasing manager, Test kitchen/recipe developer, Product researcher/developer, Dietitian, Nutrition counselor, Community nutritionist, Food editor (for newspaper or magazine), Inspector for the Food and Drug Administration or the Department of Agriculture (1) Cornell Univ, (2) Michigan St Univ, (3) Iowa St Univ, (4) MIT, (5) UC Davis, (6) Purdue Univ-West Lafayette, (7) Univ of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, (8) Pennsylvania St Univ-Univ Park, (9) Univ of Minnesota, (10) Oregon St Univ 
French Languages  French composition, French conversation, French grammar, Stylistics, French literature, French phonetics, Structure of French, French theater, Realism and naturalism, Twentieth-century poetry French literature and culture, French language and linguistics, Foreign language education Comparative literature, Linguistics, International relations, Latin, Business, Art history, History, French teacher education, Romance languages, European studies, European history, French studies High school teacher, Foreign Service Officer, Interpreter/translator (1) Yale Univ, (2) Princeton Univ, (3) Columbia Univ, (4) NYU, (5) Cornell Univ, (6) Indiana Univ-Bloomington, (7) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (8) Univ of Pennsylvania, (9) UC Berkeley, (10) Stanford Univ, (11) Duke Univ, (12) Univof Chicago, (13) UC Irvine, (14) Harvard Univ, (15) Brown Univ, (16) UC Santa Barbara, (17) Rice Univ, (18) Johns Hopkins Univ, (19) Northwestern Univ, (20) UCLA 
Game design Computer and information sciences Introduction to game development, Game design I & II, Sound and music for games, Computer animation, Fundamentals of 3D graphics, Simulation design, Digital game studies, Programming for games, Physics for games, Narrative writing for games, Story development for interactive media, Game culture, Engine-based design, Game production, Game criticism, Multiplayer network programming Game development, Game sound design, Game programming, Game art/animation Animation, Computer graphics, Digital media, Graphic communications, Graphic design, Cinematography and film/video production, Creative writing, Web page/multimedia design, Instructional media, Software engineering, Drafting and design technology, Computational mathematics Game designer, Game artist, Game producer, Game tester, Game sound designer (1) UC Santa Cruz 
Genetics Biological science Calculus, Organic chemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Biochemistry, Statistics, Physics, General biology, Principles of genetics, Advanced genetics, Human genetics, Molecular genetics, Quantitative genetics and breeding, Evolutionary genetics, Population genetics None Biomedical engineering, Agricultural and biological engineering, Botany, Zoology, Genetic counseling, Biotechnology, Forensic science, Animal breeding, Biomedical technology, Biochemistry, Molecular biology  Genetic counselor, Medical or veterinary doctor, Genetics researcher or investigator, Lab bench scientist or technician, or lab manager, Science writer, Executive, manager, or sales rep in the biotechnology industry, Clinical and medical geneticist (1) UC Davis, (2) Cornell Univ, (3) MIT, (4) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (5) Univ of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, (6) Ohio St Univ-Columbus, (7) Purdue Univ-West Lafayette, (8) Univ of Rochester, (9) Univ of Minnesota, (10) Rutgers Univ-New Brunswick 
Geology/earth science Physical sciences Physical geology, Historical geology, Paleontology, Structural geology, Mineralogy, Petrology, Surficial geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry, Hydrogeology, Field geology, Stratigraphy and sedimentation, Geologic hazards, Tectonics, Geographical information systems, Earth resources Geochemistry, Geophysics, Environmental geology Atmospheric science, Geography, Oceanography, Soil science, Surveying technology, Environmental science, Mining and mineral engineering, Planetary science, Geological engineering, Petroleum engineering, Landscape architecture, Science teacher education Earth science teacher, Engineering geologist, Environmental hydrologist, Petroleum geologist, Government agency staff geologist, Researcher (1) Cal Tech, (2) MIT, (3) Princeton Univ, (4) Columbia Univ, (5) Stanford Univ, (6) Harvard Univ, (7) Univ of Chicago, (8) UCLA, (9) Yale Univ, (10) UC Berkeley, (11) Cornell Univ, (12) UC Santa Barbara, (13) Brown Univ, (14) Johns Hopkins Univ, (15) Northwestern Univ, (16) UC Davis, (17) USC 
German Languages  Introduction to German literature I & II, Conversation and composition, Germany history and thought, The age of Goethe, Romanticism, Realism, Fin-de-siecle Vienna, Thomas Mann, Franz Kafka, German drama, German women writers, Jewish contributions to German culture, Postwar literature, Migration literature, German film, Modern German literature German literature of a particular period, German cinema, German area studies, Germanic linguistics, German intellectual history Comparative literature, Linguistics, European studies, Music, general, Philosophy, History, Political science, German studies, Germanic languages, German teacher education College professor, High school teacher, Interpreter/translator, International lawyer (1) Yale Univ, (2) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (3) Princeton Univ, (4) Indiana Univ-Bloomington, (5) UC Berkeley, (6) Univ of Texas-Austin, (7) Stanford Univ, (8) Cornell Univ, (9) Harvard Univ, (10) UCLA, (11) Johns Hopkins Univ, (12) Univ of Pennsylvania, (13) Washington Univ in St. Louis, (14) Rice Univ, (15) UC Irvine, (16) Brown Univ, (17) UC Santa Barbara, (18) Duke Univ, (19) Northwestern Univ 
History Humanities Survey of European history, Western civilization, Ancient Greece, Tudor and Stuart England, Precolonial Africa, U.S. constitutional history, Modern Latin America, Renaissance and Reformation, French Revolution, East Asian civilization, Ancient Rome, Modern England, American history, U.S. economic history, Medieval history, Historical research  Geographical regions (for example, European civilization, Russian history), Time periods (medieval and early modern studies), Themes (law and society, environment history) Classics, Medieval and Renaissance studies, European studies, Asian studies, Art history, Anthropology, International relations, Political science, Archaeology, African-American studies, Public history/archives, Journalism College professor, High school teacher, Lawyer, Museum curator or archivist, Journalist (1) Yale Univ, (2) UC Berkeley, (3) Princeton Univ, (4) Harvard Univ, (5) Stanford Univ, (6) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (7) Columbia Univ, (8) Univ of Chicago, (9) Johns Hopkins Univ, (10) Cornell Univ, (11) Indiana Univ-Bloomington, (12) Univ of Pennsylvania, (13) Brown Univ, (14) UCLA, (15) Northwestern Univ, (16) Duke Univ, (17) UC Santa Barbara, (18) UC San Diego, (19) Yale Univ, (20) Rice Univ, (21) Dartmouth Univ, (22) UC Davis 
Hospitality administration and management Business Introduction to tourism, Management principles, Marketing, Employee labor relations, Facilities design, Lodging administration, Resort operations, Hospitality law, Hospitality finance/accounting, Geography of tourism, Festival and event management, Food service operations Casino management, Community economic development, Time-share management, Hotel/motel management, Club management, Restaurant management, Tourism and service management Geography, Tourism/travel management, Hotel/motel administration/management, Resort management, Interior design, Restaurant/catering management, Landscape architecture, Culinary arts and chef training, Security services management, Sports and fitness administration, Parks, recreations, and leisure studies, International business  Restaurant manager, Hotel/resort manager, Club manager, Convention and visitor's bureau directore, Supplier salesperson, Convention and meeting planner, Festival and event organizer, Caterer, State tourism department employee (1) Cornell Univ, (2) Univ of Nevada-Las Vegas, (3) Univ of Massachusetts-Amherst, (4) Univ of Houston, (5) Univ of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, (6) Purdue Univ-West Lafayette, (7) Univ of Denver, (8) Pennsylvania St Univ-Univ Park, (9) Syracuse Univ, (10) Cal Poly Pomona 
Information systems Computer and information sciences Introduction to programming, Introduction to dadta structures, Operating systems, Systems analysis, Information retrieval and data mining, Object-oriented programming, Web development and e-commerce, Human and computer interaction, Principles of database design, Database applications, Multimedia systems, Computer graphics, Simulation and modeling, Game design, Decision support systems, Advanced information systems Computer interface design, Systems analysis and design, Decision support systems, Information systems management, Multimedia, Visualization and graphics, Data communications and net working, Management information systems, E-commerce and Web development Computer science, Behavioral sciences, Communications, Web page/multimedia deisng, Information technology, E-commerce, Management information systems, Digital media, Electrical and communications engineering, Software engineering, Computer education, Emergency management/homeland security System analyst, Trainer/consultant, Database administrator, Information systems manager, Application programmer (1) MIT, (2) UC San Diego, (3) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (4) Univ of Pittsburg, (5) Ohio St Univ-Columbus, (6) Carnegie Mellon Univ, (7) Univ of Alabama-Birmingham, (8) Harvard Univ, (9) UC Irvine, (10) Univ of Maryland-College Park 
Italian Languages  Elementary Italian, Intermediate Italian, Advanced Italian, Italian composition and conversation, Masterworks of Italian literature, Dante's Divine Comedy, Twentieth-century literature, Italian theater, Italian civilization, Renaissance literature, nineteench-century literature, Italian cinema Italian language and literature, Italian culture and society, Italian and linguistics Linguistics, Romance languages, Classics, Art history, Comparative literature, Latin, Medieval and Renaissance studies, Culinary arts and chef training, Spanish, Italian studies, Music, general, European studies College professor, High school teacher, Art historian, Interpreter/translator (1) Columbia Univ, (2) NYU, (3) Yale Univ, (4) Johns Hopkins Univ, (5) Indiana Univ-Bloomington, (6) UC Berkeley, (7) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (8) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (9) Brown Univ, (10) Univ of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, (11) Harvard Univ, (12) Northwestern Univ, (13) UCLA, (14) Univ of Chicago, (15) UC Santa Cruz 
Japanese Languages  Elementary Japanese, Intermediate Japanese, Advanced Japanese, Reading Japanese-newspapers and periodicals, East Asian cultures, Survey of Japanese literature in translation, Introduction to Classical Japanese, Introduction to Japanese linguistics, Readings in modern Japanese literature, Japanese history, The world of premodern Japan, The Tale of Genji, Japanese theater: ghosts, masks, and actors, Religion and philosophy in premodern Japan, Japanese cinema, Writers and thinkers: modern Japan in the world None Asian studies, Linguistics, International relations, Comparative literature, International business, Asian-American studies, Anthropology, East Asian studies, Animation, Global studies, Geography Japanese-language teacher, ESL teacher, Interpreter or translator, Journalist, Foreign Service officer (1) Harvard Univ, (2) Univ of Chicago, (3) Univ of Pennsylvania, (4) Columbia Univ, (5) UC Berkeley, (6) Cornell Univ, (7) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (8) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (9) Stanford Univ, (10) Yale Univ 
Journalism Communications News reporting methods and techniques, Copyediting, Magazine writing, Photojournalism, Writing for the Web, Feature writing, Public affairs reporting, Broadcast news, Media law, Ethics, Newspaper management, Digital media, The documentary, Sports writing and reporting, Political reporting, Media campaigns Broadcast journalism, Print journalism, Public relations, Newmedia technology, Photojournalism History, Radio and television, Communications technology, Community organization/advocacy, Public relations, Political science, Sports communications, Peace studies, Marketing, International relations, Media studies, Global studies Print or online news reporter, Editor or photographer, Broadcast reporter, producer, or anchor, Advertising copywriter, Public relations manager, Magazine or Web editor, Freelance writer (magazine, Web, newsletter), Photojournalist, News outlet manager, Web designer  (1) Univ of Missouri-Columbia, (2) Northwestern Univ, (3) Syracuse Univ, (4) Univ of Minnesota, (5) Univ of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, (6) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (7) USC, (8) NYU, (9) Indiana Univ-Bloomington, (10) Univ of Texas-Austin, (11) Pepperdine Univ 
Linguistics Humanities Introduction to linguistics, Phonetics, Phonology, Syntax, Semantics, Morphology, Dialectology, Languages of the world, Language and mind, Language and society, Historical linguistics, Writing systems, Structure of a particular language, Psycholinguistics Language or group of languages, e.g., Germanic languages (such as English, German, Dutch), Romance languages (Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian), Semitic languages, East Asian languages Native American studies, Anthropology, Classics, Speech/rhetorical studies, Communications, Computer science, Foreign language teacher education, Language interpretation/translation, Philosophy, Psychology, Communication disorders, American sign languages (ASL) High school language teacher, College professor, Translator, Consultant (1) UCLA, (2) Univ of Chicago, (3) UC Berkeley, (4) Univ of Pennsylvania, (5) Cornell Univ, (6) UC San Diego, (7) Yale Univ , (8) Univ of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, (9) Stanford Univ, (10) MIT, (11) NYU, (12), Harvard Univ, (13) Rice Univ, (14) UC Irvine, (15) UC Santa Barbara 
Marine biology Biological science Chemical oceanography, Physical oceanography, Ichthyology, Invertebrate biology, Marine botany, Deep-sea biology, Fisheries biology, Limnology (freshwater environments), Marine ecology, Marine mammals, Aquaculture, Coastal ornithology, Marine policy, Plankton biology, Phycology (algae), Computer modeling None Oceanography, Aquaculture, Ecology, Environmental biology, Ocean engineering, Environmental science, Aquatic biology/limnology, Zoology, Marine engineering/naval architecture, Water, wetlands, and marine management, Fishing and fisheries Government resource manager, Science teacher, Fisheries biologist, Laboratory research technician, Environmental consultant, Staff member at a museum or aquarium (1) MIT, (2) UC Santa Barbara, (3) Texas A&M Univ-College Station, (4) Univ of Miami, (5) Univ of North Carolina-Wilmington, (6) Brown Univ, (7) UC San Diego, (8) UCLA 
Marketing Business Principles of marketing, Retailing, Professional selling, Sales management, Consumer behavior, Marketing communications/promotion, E-commerce/Internet marketing, Services marketing, Product development and management, International marketing, Marketing research, Marketin gmanagement, Marketing strategy, Advertising principles None Advertising, Fashion merchandising, Selling/sales operations, Family and consumer sciences, Economics, Public relations, Sociology, Political communications, Sports communications, Tourism promotion, Business statistics, Psychology Sales representative, Sales manager, Advertising and integrated marketing communications manager, Retail manager, Entrepreneur/business owner, Product manager, Marketing researcher, Marketing consultant, Customer service manager (1) Univ of Pennsylvania, (2) Indiana Univ-Bloomington, (3) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (4) UC Berkeley, (5) NYU, (6) Univ of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, (7) Purdue Univ-West Lafayette, (8) Washington Univ in St. Louis, (9) USC, (10) Univ of Notre Dame, (11) Emory Univ, (12) Syracuse Univ 
Molecular biology Biological science General biology (I, II), General chemistry (I, II), Organic chemistry (I, II), General physics (I, II), Cellular biology, General molecular biology, General microboilogy, Biochemistry, Plant molecular biology, Molecular genetics, Biostatistics, Endocrinology, Nucleic acid chemistry, Developmental biology, Protein isolation and characterization (lab), Writing in molecular biology None Biochemistry, Cell biology and histology, Agricultural and biological engineering, Biomedical engineering, Neuroscience, Microbiology, Genetics, Clinical/medical laboratory technology, Biomedical technology, Physics, Chemistry, Forensic science Universtiy researcher/professor, Medical or pharmaceutical researcher, Forensic scientist, Health professional (such as physician, nurse), Genetic counselor, High school teacher, Agricultural researcher, laboratory technician, Public health officer (1) MIT, (2) Cal Tech, (3) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (4) UC Berkeley, (5) Northwestern Univ, (6) UC San Diego, (7) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (8) Harvard Univ, (9) Princeton Univ, (10) Carnegie Mellon Univ, (11) Cornell Univ, (12) Univ of Pennsylvania, (13) Univ of Texas-Austin, (14) Vanderbilt Univ, (15) UC Santa Cruz 
Nursing (RN) Health Psychology, Anatomy and physiology, Microbiology, Chemistry, Nutrition, Fundamentals of practice in nursing, Pharmacology, Physical assessment, Nursing leadership, Sociology, Mental health, Environmental and occupational health, Adult, pediatric, and geriatric care, Maternal/child and neonatal care, Medical and surgical care, Home health care None Education of physically handicapped, Human services, Communication disorders, Psychology, Licensed practical nursing, Physical therapy, Music therapy, Gerontology, Food and nutrition studies, Human development and family studies, American sign language (ASL), Emergency medical technology (EMT paramedic) Advanced nurse practitioner, Nurse educator, Clinical nurse specialist, Nurse anesthetist, Nurse midwife, Nurse researcher, Nurse administrator (1) NYU, (2) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (3) Univ of Pennsylvani, (4) Northwestern Univ, (5) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (6) Columbia Univ, (7) Emory Univ, (8) Loma Linda Univ, (9) Georgetown Univ, (10) UC Irvine, (11) UCLA 
Occupational therapy Health Biology, English composition, Anatomy and physiology, General psychology, Developmental (life-span) psychology, Human development, Ergonomics, Statistics, Sociology, Anthropology, Mechanical physics, Kinesiology, Neuroscience, Gerontology, Leadership and management, Research methods  None Physical therapy, Gerontology, Child development, Art, dance, or music therapy, Psychology, Special education, Athletic training, Recreational therapy, Human services, Exercise sciences, Human resources management, Biomedical engineering Occupational therapist, Researcher, Industrial ergonomist, Instructor, master clinician, Health care administrator (1) NYU, (2) Boston Univ, (3) USC, (4) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (5) Washington Univ in St. Louis, (6) SUNY-Buffalo, (7) Loma Linda Univ, (8) Syracuse Univ 
Philosophy Humanities Problems of philosophy, History of philosophy, Ethics, Political theory, Logic, Epistemology, Philosophy of religion, Aristotle, Kant, Aesthetics, Metaphysics, Theory of knowledge, Philosophy of science, Plato, Locke, Hegel History of philosophy, Ethics, Logic English, Religious studies, Political science, History, Mathematics, Music, general, Physics, Classics, European studies, Asian studies, Legal studies, Theology Business, Journalism, Computer science, Public administration, Teaching, Publishing, Public relations (1) Princeton Univ, (2) Harvard Univ, (3) UC Berkeley, (4) Univ of Chicago, (5) Stanford Univ, (6) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (7) UCLA, (8) MIT, (9) Cornell Univ, (10) Yale Univ, (11) Brown Univ, (12) Columbia Univ, (13) Univ of Notre Dame, (14) Johns Hopkins Univ 
Physical therapy Health Biology, Human development, Anatomy, Physiology, Physics, General (inorganic) chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics, Psychology, Sociology, Ethics, Neuroanatomy, Orthopedics, Health policy, Physical therapy exercise, Kinesiology None Psychology, Biomedical engineering, Anthropology, Exercise sciences, Occupational therapy, Nursing (RN), Athletic training, Sports and fitness administration, Dance therapy, Social work, Dietetics, Respiratory therapy Clinician/ Private practitioner, Clinical administrator, Clinical educator (1) NYU, (2) Univ of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, (3) Univ of Minnesota, (4) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (5) Univ of Washington, (6) SUNY-Buffalo, (7) SUNY-Stony Brook, (8) Univ of Texas-Dallas 
Physics Physical sciences Modern physics, Classical mechanics, Electricity and magnetism, Thermodynamics, Statistical mechanics, Quantum mechanics, Computational physics, Advanced laboratory, Solid-state physics, Electronics, Nuclear physics, Wave motion, Particle physics, Optics, Acoustics Applied physics, Biophysics, Computational physics Architecture, Mathematics, Astrophysics, Philosophy, Computer science, Engineering physics, Civil engineering, Aeronautical/aerospace engineering, Nuclear engineering, Radiologic technology/medical imaging, Technical and business writing, Nuclear medical technology Researcher, Engineer, High school teacher, Professor, Laboratory technician, Computer programmer, Financial analysst (1) Cal Tech, (2) Harvard Univ, (3) Cornell Univ, (4) Princeton Univ, (5) MIT, (6) UC Berkeley, (7) Stanford Univ, (8) Univ of Chicago, (9) Univ of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, (10) Columbia Univ, (11) Yale Univ, (12) UC San Diego, (13) UCLA, (14) Univ of Pennsylvani, (15) UC Santa Barbara, (16) Carnegie Mellon Univ, (17) Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst, (18) Brown Univ, (19) Johns Hopkins Univ, (20) Northwestern Univ 
Radio and television Communications Introduction to mass communication, History of broadcasting, Writing for the electronic media, Fundamentals of video production, Radio/television news producing, Mass media and socieyt, New communications technology, Media law and regulation, On-air performance, Interactive media, Sound design/production, Studio television production, Marketing and sales Television production, Radio production, Broadcast news, Media management, Media studies, Integrated media/multimedia/new media, Audio recording, Media sales, Media promotion Journalism, Film/cinema studies, Electrical and communications engineering, Drama and theater arts, Business communications, Recording arts, Photographic/film/video technology, Cinematography and film/video production, Media studies, Broadcast journalism, Photojournalism, Telecommunications technology Producer, News reporter, Station manager, Production assistant, Camera operator, Disk jockey, Web master, Sales executive, Entertainment lawyer (1) USC, (2) UCLA, (3) NYU, (4) Northwestern Univ, (5) Arizona St Univ, (6) Syracuse Univ, (7) Univ of Michgan-Ann Arbor, (8) Indiana Univ-Bloomington 
Zoology Biological science Animal behavior, Animal physiology, Comparative anatomy, Ecology, Endocrinology, Genetics, Entomology (insects), Evolutionary biology, Herpetology (reptiles and amphibians), Invertebrate biology, Limnology (ponds and lakes), Mammalogy, Ornithology, Parasitology, Primatology, Vertebrate zoology Conservation or environmental biology, Ecology and evolution, Entomology, Marine biology, Neurobiology, Physiology Anthropology, Biology teacher education, Ecology, Evolutionary biology, Microbiology, Wildlife and wilderness management, Animal sciences, Livestock management, Marine biology, Veterinary technology, Entomology, Aquatic biology/limnology  Health care professional, park ranger or guide, Research assistant, Teacher or collge professor, Environmental consultant, Staff member at an aquarium, zoo, or animal park, Veterinarian or veterinarian technician (1) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (2) Univ of Washington, (3) Univ of Texas-Austin, (4) Cornell Univ, (5) Univ of Georgia, (6) UC Davis, (7) Washington St Univ, (8) Arizon St Univ, (9) Oregon St Univ, (10) Texas A&M Univ-College Station 
Legal studies Legal studies American politics and government, Philosophy of law, Civil rights and liberties, Legal and judicial process, Legal reasoning, Constitutional law, Law, crime, and social justice, International law, Comparative law, Business law, Legal history, Environmental law, Law and literature, Legal ethics, Legal research and writing, Women and the law Criminal justice, Government and politics, International and comparative law, Business and commercial law Political science, Criminology, Sociology, History, Public policy analysis, Environmental studies, International relations, Labor studies, Behavioral sciences, Peace studies, Criminal justice and law enforcement, Public administration Lawyer, Government official, Paralegal, Public interest advocate, Business executive, Law enforcement officer, Journalist  
Paralegal studies Legal studies Litigation/civil procedure, Criminal law and procedure, Computerized research, Legal writing, Real estate law, Business law, Wills, trusts, and probate law, Family law, Immigration law, Intellectual property law, Evidence, Ethics, Personal injury/tort law, Environmental law, Alternative dispute resolution, Elder law None Criminal justice and law enforcement, Political science, Sociology, Office management, Physician assistant, Technical and business writing, Real estate, Social work, Insurance, Criminology, Legal studies, Labor studies Private investigators, Law librarians, Human resources personnel, Court personnel, Mediators, Arbitrators, Special advocates, Estate and trust officers, Real estate professionals, Insurance agents, Risk managers, Contract managers, Legal administrators, Corporate compliance officers, Government workers  
Prelaw Legal studies Principles of economics, English composition, U.S. history of 1865, U.S. history from 1865 to present, Western philosophy, Introduction to psychology, Ethics, Logic, Social anthropology, Law and literature, American government and politics, Scientific methods, Computer science, English literature, Principles of accounting, Expository writing None Accounting, English, Journalism, Environmental studies, Women's studies, Liberal arts and science, Peace and conflict studies, Philosophy, Criminal justice and law enforcement, Political science, Real estate, History Private practice lawyer, Government attorney, Corporate attorney, Paralegal, Legislative aid, Journalist, Business executive, Public interest lawyer, Public official, Legal editor  
Gerontology Multi/interdisciplinary studies Social problems of aging, Aging around the world, Aging and the life cycle, Aging and human behavior, Aging and the community, Health and aging, Crime and aging, Social policy and aging, Aging and death, Special topics in gerontology, Psychology of aging, Housing needs of older adults, Physical activity programs, Services for older adults, Food for the elderly Health care, Human services, Long-term care administration, Social work Urban, community, and regional planning, Human development and family studies, Exercise sciences, Health care administration, Human services, Nursing (RN), Occupational therapy, Physical therapy, Psychology, Social work, Anthropology, Women's studies Research gerontologist, Geriatric physician, Elder law attorney, Gerontology research assistant, Long-term care administrator, Advocate for older adults, Long-term care caseworker, Area agency on aging staff member  
Global studies Multi/interdisciplinary studies Introduction to global studies, Introduction to international relations, Introduction to anthropology, Modern world history, The international economy, The global environment, Ethnic conflict and nationalism, Comparative education, Topics in world literature, Global women's issues, Global social movements, Global climate change, Cultural geography, Intercultural studies, Regional perspectives Peace and conflict studies, International relations, International economics, Gender issues, Environmental issues, Media and communications, Specific regions International business, Peace and conflict studies, Geography, Sociology, Anthropology, Religious studies, Intercultural/diversity studies, International relations, Women's studies, Journalism, Economics, Linguistics  High school teacher, International NGO (nongovernmental organization) worker, Peace Corps volunteer, Government/State Department worker  
Historic preservation Multi/interdisciplinary studies Foundations of architecture, Architectural history, American architecture, Documentation and recording, History and theory of preservation, Preservation planning and policy, Material resources of preindustrial America, Preservation law and finance, Landscape preservation, Researching historic structures and sites, Technology and materials for building conservation, Designing for an existing context, Exterior and interior rehabilitation, Social and cultural landscapes, Codes and requirements, Site development, Interpretation and management Building conservation, Landscape preservation, Documentation and research, Preservation planning, Site management American studies, Archaeology, Housing and human environments, Art history, Architectural history/criticism, Geography, Cultural resource management, History, Architectural engineering, Museum studies, Urban, community, and regional planning, Public policy analysis Historic preservation consultant, Cultural resource manager, Historic site manager or curator, Urban planner  
Neuroscience Multi/interdisciplinary studies General chemistry, Organic chemistry, General biology, Calculus, Statistics, Physics, Introductory psychology, Introductory neuroscience, Neurobiology, Behavioral neuroscience, Cognitive neuroscience, Systems neuroscience, Neuropharmacology, Sensory neuroscience, Developmental neuroscience Neurobiology, Comparative and evolutionary neuroscience, Systems neuroscience, Behavioral neuroscience, Social neuroscience, Cognitive neuroscience, Computational neuroscience Molecular biology, Psychology, Behavioral sciences, Chemistry, Philosophy, Biopsychology, Information systems, Neurobiology/physiology, Biomedical engineering, Robotics technology, Biological/physical sciences, Electroencephalograph technology Physician, College professor/researcher, High school teacher, Science writer, Research technician (e.g., with a drug company or research lab), Electroneurodiagnostic technician  
Environmental studies Natural resources and conservation Introduction to environmental studies, Ecology, Conservation biology, Environmental chemistry, Geology, Environmental politics, Environmental philosophy and ethics, Environmental and ecological economics, Tools of environmental analysis, Wildlife management, Land use planning, Environmental education, Environmental history, Environmental health, Energy technologies, supply, and policy Environmental policy and law, Terrestrial ecosystems, Aquatic ecosystems, Conservation biology and biodiversity, Environmental education, Environmental ethics and philosophy, Environmental preservation, Land use and urban planning, Energy production and conservation Geography, Political science, Economics, Environmental engineering, Global studies, Geology/earth science, Forestry, Urban, community, and regional planning, Sustainable agriculture, Ecology, Environmental health, Wildlife and wilderness management Environmental consultant, Environmental lobbyist, Environmental engineer, Park naturalist, Specialist in environmental communications, Specialist in regulations compliance, Environmental educator  
Wildlife and wilderness management Natural resources and conservation Biology, Anatomy, Chemistry, general and organic, Statistics, Principles of wildlife management, Terrestrial wildlife ecology, Wetlands wildlife ecology, Field methods for wildlife management, Ornithology (study of birds), Mammalogy, Entomology (study of insects), Conservation biology, Genetics, Behavioral ecology, Systematic botany, Conservation law and policy Wildlife biology, Wildlife conservation, Habitat management, Wetlands conservation Forestry, Zoology, Botany, Entomology, Range science, Veterinary technology, Animal sciences, Biology, Natural sciences, Land use planning, Wildlife biology, Ecology Wildlife biologist, Research biologist, Environmental educator, Environmental consultant, University professor, Park or field naturalist, Conservation biologist Wildlife manager  
Parks, recreation, and leisure studies Natural resources and conservation Introduction to parks, recreation, and leisure, History of leisure, Philosophy of leisure, Recreation for special populations, Recreation leadership, Program and event planning, Area and facility design, Computer applications in leisure services, Evaluation of leisure services, Administration of leisure services, Legal issues in leisure services, Marketing recreation enterprises, Outdoor recreation, Commercial recreation Leisure services management, Therapeutic recreation, Natural resources recreation, Tourism, Program management, Commercial recreation Landscape architecture, Physical education, Tourism/travel management, Recreational therapy, Sports communications, Hospitality administration and management, Gerontology, Forestry, Athletic training, Sports and fitness administration, Exercise sciences, Family/community services Activities director (sports, aquatics, outdoor pursuits, etc.), Program supervisor, Department administrator, Facilities manager, Park ranger, Certified therapeutic recreation specialist  
Sport and fitness administration Natural resources and conservation History of sports, Sociology of sports, Kinesiology (exercise science) Human anatomy and physiology, Sports and fitness marketing, Sports communications, Sports finance, Sports law, Athletic program management, Fitness program management, Labor relations and professional sports, Facilities management, Media relations, Economics of sports, Community relations, Principles of coaching Professional sports, Sports communication, Sports broadcasting, Fitness management, Recreation and tourism, Sports marketing, Sports finance, Sport agency, Facilities and event management Athletic training, Physical education, Public relations. Business administration and management, Marketing, Sports communications, Physical therapy, Entrepreneurial studies, Equestrian studies, fishing and fisheries, Hospitality administration and management, Tourism/travel management Athletic director, Health club manager, Sports broadcaster, Promoter, Sports agent or scout, Fitness program coordinator, General manager  
Criminal justice and law enforcement Protective services Introduction to the criminal justice system, Legal aspects of law enforcement, Criminology, Courts and criminal procedure, Fundamentals of criminal law, Human behavior, Comparative criminal justice systems, Law and society, White-collar crime, Research methods, Criminal profiles, Forensic sciences, Correctional systems and practices, Police systems and practices, Criminal investigation, Professionalism and ethics Law enforcement, Forensic studies, Corrections Criminology, Corrections, Police science, Legal studies, Psychology, Security/loss prevention, Public administration, Forensic science, Human services, Juvenile corrections, Sociology, Security services management Police officer, Security officer, Probation officer, Parole officer, Correctional counselor, Federal law enforcement agent (FBI, Secret Service, etc.)  
Emergency management/homeland sercurity Protective services Principles of emergency management, American government, Organizational behavior, Introduction to homeland security, Disaster response and recovery, Emergency response preparedness and planning, Special populations in disasters, Sociology of disaster, Psychology of disaster, Meteorology, Chemical, biological, and radiological hazards, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Border and coastal security, Terrorism and anti-terrorism, Business continuity, Public policy issues in emergency management None Urban, community, and regional planning, Emergency medical technology (EMT paramedic), Hazardous materials technology, Environmental studies, Natural resources management/policy, Criminal justice and law enforcement, Criminology, Computer forensics, Computer/systems security,Management information systems, International relations, Peace and conflict studies Emergency management planner, Homeland security planner, Disaster response coordinator, Business continuity analyst/planner, Geographic information systems specialist, City emergency manager, FEMA program manager  
Fire protection and safety technology Protective services Fire safety and hazards recognition, Fire suppression and detection systems, Introduction to occupational safety techniques, Studies in loss control, Fire protection management, Design and analysis of sprinkler systems, Elements of industrial hygiene, Fire protection hydraulics and water supply, Industrial safety organization, Structural designs for fire and life safety, Human factors in accident prevention, Fire dynamics, Building electrical systems, Issues in local government and fire services, Disaster and fire defense planning, Hazardous materials management Fire protection systems, Code compliance, Fire dynamics and behavior, Fire investigation, Industrial safety, Industrial hygiene Architectural engineering, Industrial engineering, Fire services administration, Occupational safety/health technology, Firefighting/fire science, Security/loss prevention, Insurance, Civil engineering, Hazardous materials technology, Construction technology, Building inspection fire protection consultant, Environment, health, and safety engineer, Building code official/plans examiner, Loss control consultant (for insurance companies), Industrial safety engineer, Deputy fire marshal/inspector  
Forensic science Protective services Introduction to criminal justice, Analytical chemistry, Human anatomy, Instrumental analysis, Genetics, Microbiology, Molecular biology, Criminal evidence and procedure, Criminalistics, Crime scene investigation, Statistics, Care and preservation of evidence, Fire investigation, Toxicology, Forensic anthropology, Forensic entomology Forensic anthropology, Crime scene investigation, Forensic chemistry, Trace evidence, Accident and fire investigation Criminology, Psychology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Anthropology, Criminal justice and law enforcement, Police science, Chemistry, Materials science, Computer forensics, Emergency medical technology (EMT paramedic), Clinical/medical laboratory technology Forensic lab technician, Crime scene investigator, Latent fingerprint analyst, Forensic engineer, Forensic chemist, Forensic DNA analyst, Law enforcement officer  
Human services Public administration Group dynamics/process, Intake and referral, Introduction to counseling, Introduction to criminal justice, Local, state, and federal government, Multiculturalism, Social problems,  Criminal justice, Addiction studies (drug and alcohol), Counseling, Youth development, Advocacy, Human services management Criminal justice and law enforcement, Urban, community, and regional planning, Public policy analysis, Family/community services, Human development and family studies, Gerontology, Community organization/advocacy, Community health services, Health care administration, Substance abuse counseling, Anthropology, Behavioral sciences Residential counselor, Drug/alcohol counselor, Case manager, Probation/parole officer, Client advocate, Child abuse worker, Mental health worker, Youth worker, Rehabilitation case worker, Social service worker  
Public administration Public administration Introduction to public administration, Public budgeting and financial administration, Public human resources administration, Public policy and policy processes, Local politics and administration, Introduction to nonprofit management, Developing nonprofit resources, Volunteerism and the nonprofit sector, Public sector information technology, Grant writing, Organization theory, Community analysis, Economic development, Structure of state government, Public service ethics Public finance, Economic development, Community development, Health administration, Human resources, Environmental policy, Nonprofit administration, Urban/regional affairs Political science, Public policy analysis, Urban, community, and regional planning, Parks, recreation, and leisure studies, Public relations, Economics, Civil engineering, Urban studies, Emergency management/homeland security, Sociology, Health care administration, Environmental studies City manager, Assistant city manger, Budget/financial officer, Human resource manager, Policy analyst, Grant coordinator, Program evaluator, Volunteer coordinator, Neighborhood planner, Economic development coordinator  
Bible studies Religion and theology New Testament overview, Old Testament overview, Christian doctrine and systematic theology, Church history and historical theology, Biblical interpretation and hermeneutics, History of Greece, History of Rome, History of the ancient Near East, Biblical archaeology, Biblical criticism, Christian ethics, Literature of the Bible, Geography of the Bible, Contemporary social concerns, Global Christianity, Key figures in biblical or Church history Church history, New Testament, Old Testament Anthropology, Archaeology, Youth ministry, Ancient studies, Preministerial studies, Sociology, Sacred music, Christian studies, Ancient Near Eastern/biblical languages, History, Missionary studies, Philosophy Christian education director, Youth minister, Clergy member, Chaplain (military, hospitals, prisons, retirement/nursing homes), College professor  
Islamic studies Religion and theology Prophet of Islam, The Qur'an, Islamic sciences, Sufism, Shi'ite Islam, Popular Islam, Modern political Islam, Islamic revolution of Iran, Women in Islam, Islamic art, Islamic architecture, Islamic law, Islamic theology, Islamic philosophy, Hadith, Muslim intellectual history Women and gender issues, Islam in America, Islamic art and architecture, Islam in South Asia (India and Pakistan), Islam in Iran, Sufism, Islamic law, Modern political Islam and fundamentalism, Shi'ite Islam, Popular Islam, Islamic theology and philosophy, Islamic history Near and Middle Eastern studies, Religious studies, Arabic, Iranian/Persian languages, Asian studies, Anthropology, History, South Asian studies, Sociology, Peace and conflict studies, Medieval and Renaissance studies, Judaic studies College professor, Teacher, Journalist, Foreign Service Officer  
Judaic studies Religion and theology Elementary, intermediate, and advanced Hebrews, Biblical Hebrew, Ancient Israel and the ancient Near East, Judaism in the Middle Ages, Jewish law and society, Family and sexuality in Judaism, Women in Jewish history, Modern Jewish history, Anti-Semitism in historical perspective, Yiddish language and culture, The Holocaust, Jewish culture in America, Zionism and Israel, Hebrew/Israeli literature in translation, Jewish and Israeli film, Jewish mysticism Jewish civilization in the ancient Near East, Rabbinical Hebrew and medieval Judaism, Jewish literature, Modern Jewish religion and philosophy, Holocaust studies Religious studies, History, Philosophy, Archaeology, Anthropology, Hebrew, Near and Middle Eastern studies, Ancient Near Eastern/Biblical languages, Talmudic studies, Islamic studies, Linguistics, Sociology College professor, Teacher, Rabbi, Director of religious education, Journalist, Community center administrator  
Preministerial studies Religion and theology New Testament, Western philosophy, Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, Church history, World religoins, Christian ethics, Sociology. Introductory psychology, Advanced Bible study, Expository writing, Homiletics (preaching), Church organization and management, Evangelism, Dynamics of intercultural communication, Western civilization, Liturgical theology and practice  None Religious studies, Bible studies, Judaic studies, Pastoral counseling, Philosophy, History, Sacred music, Social work, Psychology, Peace and conflict studies, Religious education, Youth ministry Minister, Priest, Religious education coordinator, Theology professor, Military chaplain, Missionary  
Sacred music Religion and theology Music theory, Music history, Composition, Choral conducting, Choir training methods, Sight singing, Sacred music history, Choral literature, Hymnology, Children's choir leadership, Church music administration, Applied voice, piano, or organ, College choir, vocal, or instrumental ensemble Organ studies, Conducting, Worship leadership Conducting, Piano/organ, Youth ministry, Music pedagogy, Music teacher education, Music history/literature, Recording arts, Music theory and composition, Voice/opera, Music management, Religious studies Choir director, Organist in house of worship, Director of music ministries, Children's choir director, Handbell choir director, Parochial school music teacher  
Theology Religion and theology Introduction to theology, The Old Testament, The New Testament, History of Christian thought, The early church, Medieval thought, The Reformation era, Biblical interpretation and hermeneutics, Studies in the Gospels, Studies in the Epistles, Christian doctrine, Liturgical theology and practice, Ethics, Systematic theology Church history, World religions Biblical studies, History of religions, Youth and family ministry, Religious education, Church history Bible studies, Religious studies, Human services, Youth ministry, Preministerial studies, Philosophy, Religious education, Social work, Anthropology, Legal studies, Peace and conflict studies Priest or minister, Teacher, Youth minister, Director of religious education, Journalist, Social worker, Parish administrator, Vocational counselor  
Archaeology Social sciences Introduction to archaeological theory and methods, Survey of world prehistory, Greco-Roman studies, Egyptology, Chinese and Japanese dynastic history, Paleolithic cultures, Origins of New World civilizations, Sub-Saharan African cultures, Central Asian archaeology, Origins of Australian and Polynesian cultures, Megalithic and Celtic archaeology, Field excavation, Zooarchaeology, Paleoethnobotany, GIS (Geographic Information Systems), Forensic archaeology Classical archaeology, Anthropological archaeology Art history, Anthropology, Geology/earth science, Classics, Environmental studies, Architectural history/criticism, History, Historic preservation, Bible studies, medieval and Renaissance studies, Ancient studies, Classical/ancient Mediterranean/Near Eastern studies College professor, Museum curator, Cultural resource management specialist, State or federal government archaeologist, Park ranger  
Animation Visual and performing arts Figure and animal drawing, Color theory, Storyboard and narrative, Screenwriting for animators, Acting for animators, History of animation, Character animation techniques, Stop-motion techniques, Experimental animation techniques, Layout and background design, Digital ink and paint, Special effects, Sound design, Digital compositing, Digital character modeling, 3-D computer animation Computer animation, Character animation, Stop-motion animation, Special effects Computer graphics, Game design, Illustration, Graphic design, Digital art, Digital media, Photographic/film/video technology, Make-up artist, Computer engineering technology, Drafting and design technology, Web page/multimedia design, Radio and television Art director/production designer, Storyboard/concept artist, Background/layout designe,r Character designer, 3-D animator (computer), 2-D animator, Stop-motion animator, Game designer, Production coordinator  
Dance Visual and performing arts Dance technique (ballet, modern, and jazz), Principles of choreography, Improvisation, Dance appreciation, Dance composition, Technical production for dance, Music for dance, Dance history, Motif description and labanotation, Anatomy and kinesiology for dance, Dance theory, philosophy, and criticism, Historic dances (Renaissance, Baroque, Ragtime), The teaching of dance Technique and performance, Choreography, Dance education, Dance history and criticism, Dance therapy Anthropology, Sociology, Physical therapy, Dance therapy, Physical education, Theater arts management, American sign language (ASL), Athletic training, Fine/studio arts, Drama and theater arts, Communications, Creative Writing Professional dancer and/or choreographer, Dance teacher, Dance critic, Dance scientist/kinesiologist/physical therapist, Dance historian/reconstructor, Dance arts administrator, Dance therapist  
Digital art Visual and performing arts Drawing, Color theory, History of art and design, Multimedia design, 2-D and 3-D animation, Sound design, Web design (static and dynamic), Interactive media, Digital photography, Video art, Installation/performance media, Digital paint, 3D computer modeling, Digital imaging, Scripting, Game design Computer modeling, Animation, Special effects, Digital sound, Digital design, Graphic design, Website design, Digital photography, Digital video, Multimedia Animation, Computer graphics, Game design, Digital media, Photographic/film/video technology, Drafting and design technology, Software engineering, Multimedia, Graphic design, Web page/multimedia design, Instructional media Animator, Video artist, Graphic artist/designer, Game designer, Illustrator, Special effects artist, Web designer  
Fashion and apparel design Visual and performing arts Fashion sketching, History of costume, Creative design theory and elements, color and design theory, Computer-aided design, Computer pattern drafting, Computer grading, marking, and cutting, Draping, Industrial sewing techniques, Garment construction, Accessory design, Fashion industry survey, Collection development, Fashion show production, Professional practices, Portfolio development Film and TV costume design, Theater costume design, Footwear design Commercial/advertising art, Fashion merchandising, Marketing, Fiber/textile arts, Advertising, Interior design, Metal/jewelry arts, Theater design and technology, Anthropology, Family and consumer sciences, Apparel/textile marketing, Entrepreneurial studies Designer or assistant designer, Pattern maker, Grader, Visual merchandiser, Textile designer, Technical designer, Illustrator, Stylist, Costume designer  
Fine/studio arts Visual and performing arts Two- or three-dimensional basic design, Drawing, Art history, Painting, Jewelry, Illustration, Sculpture, Book arts, Digital imaging, Printmaking, Graphic design, Ceramics, Industrial design, Textile and fiber arts, Photography, Art theory Drawing, Sculpture, Printmaking, Graphic design, Illustration, Painting, Photography, Book arts, Textile and fiber arts, Ceramics, Animation, Glass blowing, Architecture, Jewelry and metalsmithing, Industrial design, Film and video Arts management, Museum studies, Medical illustrating, Film/cinema studies, Theater design and technology, Architecture, Art therapy, Digital art, Commercial/advertising art, Graphic design, Classics, Medieval and Renaissance studies Art teacher, Commercial artist, Museum curator, Architect, Gallery preparator, Art therapist, Studio artist, Art editor or critic, Art restorer/conservator, Art director or administrator  
Graphic design Visual and performing arts Design analysis and theory, Typography, 2-D and 3-D graphics, Factors of human perception, Packaging and display, Technical and professional writing, Drawing and illustration, Photography, Web page design, History of visual communications, Text and images, Identity and symbols, Digital imagery, Multimedia design, Motion graphics, Advertising design Advertising, Multimedia, Computer graphics, Motion graphics (film titles and animation), Web design, Identity or symbol design, Information design (charts and graphs), Publications, Packaging, Environmental graphics (signs and signage systems) Animation, Computer graphics, Digital art, Digital media, Drafting and design technology, Illustration, Industrial design, Communications, Advertising, Desktop publishing, Web page/Multimedia design, Instructional media Art director, Graphic designer in design group or studio, Interactive/multimedia designer, Web designer, Illustrator, Exhibition designer, Advertising agent, Package designer, Design strategist/planner, Print production pre-press designer  
Interior design Visual and performing arts Principles of interior design, History of interiors and decorative arts, Drawing and design in two and three dimensions, Computer-aided design, Interior materials and finishes, Construction documents and specifications, Codes, public health, and safety, Residential interiors, Furniture design, Textiles, Acoustics and interior design, Lighting design and building systems, Environmental control systems, Interiors for special populations, Professional practice, Portfolio preparation Lighting design, Furniture design, Exhibition design, Acoustics, Fabric design Housing and human environments, Environmental design, Industrial design, Architectural history/criticism, Furniture design/manufacturing, Fashion and apparel design, Psychology, Anthropology, Theater design and technology, Drafting and design technology, Hotel/motel administration/management, Art history Interior designer, Furniture designer, Lighting designer, Facilities manager, Real estate broker, Trade show exhibit designer, Product representative  
Music management Visual and performing arts Introduction to the music business, Music publishing and copyright law, Recording and broadcast industries, Contracts and other legal issues, Accounting, Economics, Introduction to marketing, Fundamentals of management, Computer applications, Music history, Basic music theory and ear training, International marketing, Concert and tour promotion, Business statistics, Music technology, Recording techniques Recording and studio production techniques, Marketing and merchandising, Arts management Radio and television, Recording arts, Musicology/ethnomusicology, Jazz studies, Public relations, Business administration and management, Hospitality administration and management, Information systems, Theater arts management, Music history/literature, Entrepreneurial studies Business manger, Recording industry promoter or producer, Orchestra manager, Booking agent, Artist representative or manager, Music publishing executive or editor, Television and radio promoter  
Music performance Visual and performing arts Music theory, Aural skills, Music history, Individual instruction, Computer and/or electronic music, Vocal diction, Percussion, Strings, Brass, Woodwinds, Introduction to music literature, Accompanying, Instrumental ensemble, Vocal ensemble, Fundamentals of conducting, Pedagogy of the piano/voice/etc Voice, Piano, Organ, Individual orchestra or band instruments, Jazz studies, Early music, Instrumental pedagogy, Conducting Music management, Sacred music, Music theory and composition, Music teacher education, Music therapy, Radio and television, Recording arts, Jazz studies, Computer science, Electrical and communications engineering, Mathematics, Voice/opera Orchestral musician, Solo musician, Ensemble musician (string quarter, jazz trio, etc.), Church musician, Orchestra or opera company manager, Music technician/producer, Music teacher (private), Music teacher (public school or college), Music therapist  
Music theory and composition Visual and performing arts Aural skills, Music history, Schenkerian analysis, Analysis of twentieth-century music, Atonal music, Operatic literature, Symphonic literature, Composition seminar, Psychology of music, Music technology, Diction and song literature, Counterpoint, Piano pedagogy, Orchestration, Computer-assisted music notation, Senior thesis project None Music performance, Jazz studies, Music history/literature, Musicology/ethnomusicology, Music management, Creative Writing, Mathematics, Linguistics, Computer science, Conducting Private teacher, Performer, Composer  
Photography Visual and performing arts Elementary photography, History of photography, Two-dimensional design, Black-and-white photography, Color photography, Digital photography, Materials and processes, Commercial and/or industrial photography, Portraiture, Photo editing, Studio photography, Photojournalism, Advanced photographic techniques, Lighting techniques, Biomedical and forensic practicum, Portfolio preparation Fine art photography, Digital imaging, Portraiture, Biomedical photographic illustration, Commercial photography, Fashion photography, Photojournalism Cinematography and film/video production, Journalism, Graphic design, Advertising, Digital art, Fashion merchandising, Entrepreneurial studies, Photographic/film/video technology, Radiologic technology/medical imaging, Surveying technology, Computer graphics, Digital media Photojournalist, Fine art photographer, Freelance photographer, Commercial or industrial photographer, Technical or medical photographer, Digital image technician, Wedding photographer, Portrait photographer, Animator, Manager of a photo lab  
Theatre design and technology Visual and performing arts Introduction to theater, Mechanical drafting, Scenographic techniques, Computer applications for the theater, Sound, Stage management, Costume design and construction, Makeup for the stage, Lighting, Scene design and construction, Theater history, Theater graphics, Play analysis, Acting and performance course,s Art and history course, Portfolio development and presentation Lighting design, Costume design (including makeup), Scene design, Technical direction, sound design, Stage management Radio and television, Cinematography and film/video production, Architecture, Interior design, Theater history/criticism, Theater arts management, Fashion and apparel design, Structural engineering, Construction technology, Resort management, Interior design, Museum studies Regional/professional theater designer (costume, scenery, lighting, sound), Theater technician (carpenter, scene painter, tailor or seamster, cutter/draper, electrician, sound engineer), Technical director/production manager, Art director/production designer for film and television, College or high school teacher in theater  
Anthropology Social science Biological anthropology, Introduction to archaeology, Cultural anthropology, Primate behavior, Archaeological field methods, Religion and culture, Music and culture, Language and culture, Mythology, Human origins and evolution, Culture and personality, Native American cultures, Forensic anthropology, Human population genetics, Old World prehistory, Peoples and cultures of Africa, Asia, etc. Archaeology, Physical/biological anthropology, Linguistic anthropology, Cultural anthropology, Urban anthropology, Applied anthropology, Cultural resource management Archaeology, Sociology, Linguistics, Classics, Genetics, Geography, History, Psychology, Native American studies, Human development and family studies, Religious studies, Urban studies Social worker, Genetic counselor, Field archaeologist, Teacher of English as a second language (ESL), Cultural artifact specialist, Educator, National/state park interpreter, Environmental impact assessment researcher, Travel agent/guide/consultant, Museum administrator or technician (1) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (2) Univ of Chicago, (3) UC Berkeley, (4) Univ of Pennsylvania, (5) Stanford Univ, (6) Yale Univ, (7) UCLA, (8) Harvard Univ, (9) Northwestern Univ, (10) Univ of Texas-Austin, (11) Cornell Univ, (12) UC Santa Barbara, (13) UC San Diego, (14) Duke Univ, (15) UC Irvine, (16) UC Davis, (17) NYU, (18) Princeton Univ, (19) Washington Univ in St. Louis 
Applied mathematics Mathematics Calculus, Differential equations, Linear algebra, Discrete mathematics, Numerical analysis, Physics, Computer science, Probability theory, Logic design and computer architecture, Systems design, Signals, systems, and control engineering, Optimization theory and technique, Data analysis and linear models, Multivariate analysis and data mining, Theoretical statistics, Time series Computing/information science, Systems engineering, Statistics Computer science, Management information systems, Aeronautical/aerospace engineering, Statistics, Systems engineering, Management science, Astrophysics, Applied physics, Mathematics/computer science, Computational mathematics, Information systems, Economics Engineer, Statistician, Actuary, Management consultant, Financial mathematical analyst (1) Harvard Univ, (2) Univ of Chicago, (3) UC Berkeley, (4) Brown Univ, (5) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (6) Columbia Univ, (7) Yale Univ, (8) UCLA, (9) Cal Tech, (10) Purdue Univ-West Lafayette, (11) UC San Diego, (12) Northwestern Univ, (13) Carnegie Mello Univ, (14) Johns Hopkins Univ, (15) Univ of Virginia 
Art history Visual and performing arts Art and civilization before 1400, Asian art and temple architecture, Greek and Roman art, Egyptian art and architecture, Medieval art and architecture, The Renaissance, Michaelangelo, European Baroque, Early modern architecture, Impressionism and Postimpressionism, Picasso, Postmodernism, Abstract expressionism, American art, History of photography, Introduction to museology Historical period, such as ancient, medieval, or modern, A medium, such as painting, architecture, or sculpture, or the arts of a specific culture, such as America, Byzantium, or Polynesia Museum studies, Architecture, Architectural history/criticism, Anthropology, Classics, Comparative literature, Area studies (European, Asian, etc.), Historic preservation, Medieval and Renaissance studies, Archaeology, Arts management, Music history/literature Teacher (college or high school), Museum curator, Museum management/staff (education, installation, registrar, etc.), Commercial gallery operator/assistant, Art editor, Art appraiser (1) NYU, (2) Harvard Univ, (3) Princeton Univ, (4) Yale Univ, (5) Columbia Univ, (6) UC Berkeley, (7) Stanford Univ, (8) Bryn Mawr College, (9) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (10) Johns Hopkins Univ, (11) Univ of Pennsylvania, (12) UCLA, (13) Univ of Chicago, (14) Brown Univ, (15) Cornell Univ, (16) Northwestern Univ, (17) Washington Univ in St. Louis, (18) USC 
Atmospheric science Physical sciences Climatology, Atmospheric thermodynamics, Observations and instrumentation, Weather communications, Weather analysis and forecasting, Atmospheric dynamics, Air pollution, Mesoscale meteorology, Micrometeorology, Tropical meteorology, Radar meteorology, Remote sensing systems, Stormwater hydrology, Atmospheric boundary layer, Biosphere and carbon cycle  Broadcast meteorology, Climatology, Mesoscale meteorology, Synoptic meteorology, Air quality and pollution Chemistry, Geology/earth science, Aeronautics and aviation science, Oceanography, Geography, Agronomy and crop science, Instrumentation technology, Environmental science, Aeronautical/aerospace engineering, Radio and television Operational meteorologist, Certified consulting meteorologist (CCM), Broadcast meteorologist, Researcher, Forensic meteorologist  (1) Cornell Univ, (2) Univ of Arizona, (3) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (4) Univ of Kansas, (5) UC Davis, (6) Purdue Univ-West Lafayette, (7) UCLA, (8) Univ of Missouri-Columbus 
Drama and theater arts Visual and performing arts Introduction to theater, Theater design, Theater history, Dramatic literature, Play analysis, Acting, Directing, Production laboratory, Stagecraft, Production fundamentals, Voice for the actor, Shakespeare, Lighting design, Costume design, Scenic design, Musical theater Acting, Directing, Theater studies (history, literature, criticism), Lighting design, Costume design, Scenic design, Stage management, Theater technology, Production management Theater design and technology, Fashion and apparel design, Film/cinema studies, Cinematography and film/video production, Art history, Music management, Theater arts management, Communications, Radio and television, Digital media, Make-up artist, English Actor, Director, Technician, or designer, Drama teacher, Business manager, Marketer, or publicist for theater, Arts educator at regional theaters (1) Northwestern Univ, (2) UCLA, (3) Cornell Univ, (4) Univ of Washington, (5) USC, (6) Indiana Univ-Bloomington, (7) Stanford Univ, (8) Carnegie Mellon Univ, (9) NYU, (10) Tufts Univ, (11) UC Berkeley, (12) Yale Univ, (13) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (14) UC Santa Barbara, (15) Brandeis Univ, (16) Syracuse Univ, (17) Dartmouth College, (18) Occidental College 
Economics Social sciences Principles of microeconomics, Principles of macroeconomics, Economic statistics, Money and banking, Business and government, International trade, International finance, Urban economics, Environmental economics, Labor economics, Public economics, Industrial organization, Economic history, Poverty and discrimination, Health economics, Law and economics None Agricultural economics, Business administration and management, Accounting, Applied mathematics, Business/managerial economics, Finance, Psychology, Entrepreneurial studies, Statistics, Econometrics/quantitative economics, International business, International relations Business economist, Economic consultant, Government economist, Investment banker, Market researcher (1) MIT, (2) Univ of Chicago, (3) Stanford Univ, (4) Princeton Univ, (5) Harvard Univ, (6) Yale Univ, (7) Univ of Pennsylvania, (8) UC Berkeley, (9) Northwestern Univ, (10) Columbia Univ, (11) UCLA, (12) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (13) Johns Hopkins Univ, (14) Carnegie Mellon Univ, (15) Brown Univ, (16) UC San Diego, (17) Duke Univ, (18) Cornell Univ, (19) NYU, (20) UC Davis, (21) Washington Univ in St. Louis, (22) UC Santa Barbara, (23) Claremont McKenna College 
Environmental science Natural resources and conservation Environmental modeling and methodology, Physical geology, Fundamentals of ecology, Hydrology and water resources, Atmosphere and weather, Population and the environment, Geographic information systems (GLS), Remote sensing, Global biogeochemistry cycles, Climatological analysis, Biochemistry, Coastal processes, Management of forest ecosystems, Environmental impact assessment, Waste management systems, Marine biology/ecology Environmental biology, Environmental chemistry, Environmental geology, Environmental physics, Aquatic ecology, Terrestrial ecology, Environmental health, Environmental protection, Natural resource management Environmental engineering, Petroleum engineering, Ecology, Natural sciences, Soil science, Hazardous materials technology, Hydrology/water resources science, Geology/earth science, Geography, Atmospheric science, Oceanography, Environmental health Researcher, College professor or high school teacher, Environmental consultant, Environmental lawyer, Resource manager in industry, Regulatory compliance specialist, State or federal government regulator, Staff member of an advocacy group (1) Harvard Univ, (2) MIT, (3) Cornell Univ, (4) UC Berkeley, (5) UC Davis, (6) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (7) Univ of Pennsylvania, (8) Univ of Virginia, (9) Johns Hopkins Univ, (10) Purdue Univ-West Lafayette 
Film; Cinematography and film/video production Visual and performing arts Introduction to film and video production, Advanced film and video production, Studio television production, Directing, Cinematography and/or videography, Digital editing, Screenwriting, Sound design/production, Animation and special effects, Production management, Lighting, Television programming, Media and society, Visual literacy and communication, Film history, Film, video, and televisoin genres Directing, Producing, Editing, Screenwriting, Sound, Cinematography/videography, Animation, Narrative production, Documentary production, Alternative/experimental production Radio and television, Photography, Digital art, Digital media, Web/multimedia management, Playwriting/screenwriting, Media studies, Theater design and technology, Animation, Photographic/film/video technology, Instructional media, Laser/optical technology Independent film/videomaking, Camera operator, Director of photography, Sound editor, Designer, Mixer, Apprentice or assistant editor, Production assistant, Producer, Director or assistant director, Production manager, Screenwriter (1) UCLA, (2) USC, (3) NYU, (4) Northwestern, (5) Syracuse Univ, (6) UC Berkeley, (7) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (8) Univ of Texas-Austin, (9) Florida St. Univ, (10) Chapman Univ 
Finance Business Financial management, Financial institutions and markets, Corporate finance, Futures an doptions, Portfolio analysis, International finance, Investment banking, Real estate finance, Risk and insurance, Working capital management, Bank management, Investments, Accounting, Economics Coporate finance, Real estate finance, Investment banking Accounting, Actuarial science, Banking/financial services, Business administration and management Economics, Financial planning, Internatoinl finance, Investments/securities, Insurance, Management science, Real estate, Credit management Stockbroker, Security sales representative, Financial analyst, Investment banker, Commercial banker, portfolio or mutual fund manager, Financial planner, Government regulator (1) Univ of Pennsylvania, (2) Indiana Univ-Bloomington, (3) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (4) UC Berkeley, (5) NYU, (6) Univ of Texas-Austin, (7) Univ of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, (8) Purdue Univ-West Lafayette, (9) Washington Univ in St Louis, (10) USC, (11) Univ of Notre Dame, (12) Emory Univ, (13) Lehigh Univ, (14) George Washington Univ, (15) Syracuse Univ 
Fishing and fisheries Natural resources and conservation Evolutionary biology, Genetics, Fisheries techniques, Ichthyology, Fish ecology, Limnology, Aquatic entomology, Freshwater ecology, Statistics, Policies, laws, and regulations, Principles of aquaculture, Fisheries management Fisheries management, Fisheries science, Aquaculture Aquaculture, Marine biology, Ocean engineering, Parks, recreation, and leisure studies, Zoology, Aquatic biology/limnology, Marine engineering/naval architecture, Marine science/Merchant Marine, Underwater diving, Oceanography, Natural resources management/policy, Water, wetlands, and marine management Fisheries manager, Conservation officer, Fish ecologist, Fish culturist, Endangered species management officer, Environmental consultant, Fisheries research scientist, Fisheries and wildlife journalist (1) UC Davis, (2) Colorado St Univ, (3) Michigan St Univ, (4) Texas A&M Univ-Galveston, (5) Univ of Minnesota, (6) Iowa St Univ, (7) Kansas St Univ, (8) Ohio St Univ-Columbus, (9) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (10) Univ of Wyoming 
Forestry Natural resources and conservation Botany, Forest soils, Forest management and policy, Forest measurements, forest economics, Silviculture, Forest ecology, Forest growth and yield, Wildlife management, Resource allocation, Aerial photo interpretation, Geographic information systems (GIS), Harvesting and production technology, Hydrology, Wood science, Composite products Forest resource management, Urban forestry, Wood products, Wood science, Fire management Botany, Wildlife and wilderness management, Forest resources production, Surveying technology, Landscape architecture, Horiculture, Environmental studies, Ecology, Land use planning, Wood science/pulp/paper technology, Entomology, Forest engineering Forester with the U.S. Forest Service or state agency, Park ranger, Urban forester, Industrial forester or timber management, Arborist, Wood product sales, Consulting forester (1) Univ of Minnesota, (2) Pennsylvania St Univ-Univ Park, (3) North Carolina St Univ, (4) Univ of Missouri-Columbia, (5) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (6) Univ of Washington, (7) Oregon St Univ, (8) Purdue Univ-West Lafayette, (9) UC Berkeley, (10) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor 
Geography Social sciences Human geography, Physical Urban geography, World regional geography, Cultural geography, Economic geography, Remote sensing, Political geography, Cartography, Natural resources, Energy and the environment, Urban and regional planning, Weather and climate, Social geography, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Human-environmental relations Physical geography, Environmental geography, Human geography, Spatial skills (tools and techniques), Regional or area studies Cartography, Environmental engineering, Urban, community, and regional planning, Global studies, Mining and mineral engineering, Landscape architecture, International relations, Area/ethnic/cultural studies, Wildlife and wilderness management, Surveying technology, Natural resources and conservation, Geology/earth science Cartographer, GIS manager, Economic development analyst, Energy analyst, Environmental engineer, Engineer in photogrammetry (aerial surveying), Land use planner, Land Surveyor, Remote sensing specialist, Water resources planner (1) Univ of Minnesota, (2) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (3) Pennsylvania St Univ-Univ Park, (4) UC Berkeley, (5) Ohio St Univ-Columbus, (6) Univ of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, (7) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (8) Univ of Washington, (9) UCLA, (10) Syracuse Univ 
International relations Social sciences U.S. foreign policy, International organizations, International law, African politics, Latin American politics, European politics, Russian and East European politics, Northeast Asian politics, South Asian politics, Middle East politics, Global environmental issues, International relations theory, National security, International conflict, International political economy, Global human right issues International law and organization, International business, Human rights, International political economy, National security, International environmental issues, Transnational studies, Comparative and regional perspectives, U.S. foreign policy International business, Political science, History, Geography, Global studies, Comparative literature, Asian studies, Islamic studies, Peace and conflict studies, Linguistics, Journalism, Emergency management/homeland security Federal civil services (especially the department of State, Defense, Agriculture, and Treasury) (1) Tufts Univ, (2) Princeton Univ, (3) Johns Hopkins Univ, (4) Georgetown Univ, (5) Univ of Pennsylvania, (6) Harvard Univ, (7) Cornell Univ, (8) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (9) MIT, (10) Stanford Univ, (11) Univ of Notre Dame, (12) Claremont McKenna College 
Mathematics Mathematics Single-variable calculus, Multivariable calculus, Elementary statistics, Discrete mathematics, Linear algebra, Differential equations, Modern algebra, Modeling, Combinatorics, Number theory, Modern geometry, Topology, Complex analysis, Real analysis Statistics, Applied mathematics, Discrete mathematics, Computational mathematics Engineering, Economics, Physics, Computer science, Accounting, Finance, Business statistics, Actuarial science, Mathematics teacher education, Information systems, Music theory and composition, Philosophy Operations researcher, Business consultant, High school teacher, Statistician, Financial or securities analyst, College professor, Actuary (1) Princeton Univ, (2) UC Berkeley, (3) Harvard Univ, (4) MIT, (5) Univ of Chicago, (6) Stanford Univ, (7) NYU, (8) Yale Univ, (9) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (10) Columbia Univ, (11) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (12) Brown Univ, (13) Cornell Univ, (14) UCLA, (15) Cal Tech, (16) Univ of Pennsylvania, (17) Univ of Notre Dame, (18) Rice Univ, (19) UC San Diego, (20) Northwestern Univ, (21) Carnegie Mellon Univ, (22) Johns Hopkins Univ, (23) Washington Univ in St. Louis, (24) Dartmouth College 
Medieval and Renaissance studies Multi/interdisciplinary studies The great cathedrals, Medieval art, Leonardo da Vinci, Classical drama, Dante and medieval theology, Religion of late antiquity, Arthurian legend, Science and Islam, Chaucer/Shakespeare/Milton, Age of the Baroque, Judaism in the Middle Ages, The Italian Renaissance, England: Reformation to revolution, Spanish medieval literature, Music and the Church, Medieval philosophy A particular author, artist, nation, monarch (e.g., Elizabeth I), or cultural practice  English, History, Art history, Archaeology, Classics, Philosophy, Architectural history/criticism, Comparative literature, European studies, Religious studies, Italian studies, Drama and theater arts Careers in law, medicine, businesses, the arts, journalism, museology, and teaching (1) Columbia Univ, (2) Cornell Univ, (3) NYU, (4) Univ of Chicago, (5) Univ of Notre Dame, (6) Univ of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, (7) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (8) Washington Univ in St. Louis, (9) Duke Univ, (10) Catholic Univ of America, The 
Music, general Visual and performing arts Music history, Ethnomusicology, Music theory, Ear training and/or musicianship, Composition, Conducting, Orchestration, Keyboard competence, Sight singing, Lyric diction, Chamber ensemble, Wind ensemble, Chorus, Tonal counterpoint, Computer and electronic music, Jazz studies History of musicology, Ethnomusicology, Performance, Conducting, Theory, Composition, Music education Music management, Sacred music, Music history/literature, Music teacher education, Music therapy, Radio and television, Recording arts, Musical instrument fabrication/repair, Computer science, Electrical and communications engineering, Mathematics, Digital media Professional or studio musician, Composer, Music teacher, Recording engineer or mixer, Art administrator, Music publishing editor, Film music editor, Music therapist, Music store manager, Music software developer (1) UC Berkeley, (2) Univ of Chicago, (3) Princeton Univ, (4) Yale Univ, (5) Cornell Univ, (6) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (7) Univ of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, (8) Columbia Univ, (9) Harvard Univ, (10) UCLA, (11) Stanford Univ, (12) Oberlin College, (13) NYU, (14) Univ of Pennsylvania, (15) Brandeis Univ, (16) USC, (17) Northwestern Univ, (18) CSU Northridge 
Natural resources and conservation Natural resources and conservation Biology, Ecology, Chemistry, Plant and animal identification, Economics, Human dimensions, Natural resources management, Environmental policy, Conservation law, Wildlife and fisheries conservation, Geographic information systems (GIS), Measurements and sampling techniques, Environmental communication, Soils and land use, Politics and ecology, Ecotourism Natural resources policy, Outdoor recreation, Resources management, Environmental law and policy, Environmental education, Wildlife rehabilitation, Wetlands restoration, Coastal zone management Biology, Geography, Geology/earth science, Political science, Oceanography, Range science, Agronomy and crop science, Emergency management/homeland security, Natural resources management/policy, Ecology, Sustainable agriculture, Mining and mineral engineering Wildlife biologist, Fisheries manager, Forester, Park ranger, Conservation law enforcement officer, Natural resources manger, Government agency employee (EPA, state conservation department, etc.), Natural resources policy analyst, Environmental lawyer, Environmental educator (1) Cornell Univ, (2) Colorado St Univ, (3) Michigan St Univ, (4) Univ of Arizona, (5) Purdue Univ-West Lafayette, (6) UC Davis, (7) Univ of Minnesota, (8) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (9) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (10) UC Berkeley 
Peace and conflict studies Multi/interdisciplinary studies Theory and practice of nonviolence, History of nonviolence, The global political economy, Introduction to international relations, Philosophical inquiry: peace and justice, Contemporary social theory, Postcolonial theory, Conflict resolution, Methods of peacemaking, Philosophy of social science, International law, Theories of international relations, Issues before teh United Nations, Marxism, Urban political economy, feminism, ecology, and peace Interpersonal and intergroup conflict resolution, International war and peace, Social, economic, and/or environmental justice International relations, Women's studies, Gay/lesbian studies, Environmental studies, Religious studies, Philosophy, Labor/industrial relations, Emergency management/homeland security, Legal studies, Intercultural/diversity studies, Political science, Near and Middle Eastern studies College professor, Nongovernmental organization (NGO), worker, Lawyer, Minister or other member of the clergy, Government worker, Public relations manager, International business consultant, Human resources manager UC Berkeley 
Pharmacy Health Physiology, Pathophysiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Molecular biology, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology/medicinal chemistry, Immunology, Nonprescription medications and self-care, Dietary supplements and herbal medicines, Biostatistics, Professional communications, Pharmaceutical care, Pharmacy law and ethics, Health systems management, Physical assessment None Biochemistry, Clinical/medical laboratory technology, chemistry, Substance abuse counseling, Health care administration, Pharmacy assistant, Public health, Community health/preventative medicine, Microbiology, Medical records administration, Small business administration/management, Dietetics  Community pharmacist, Hospital staff pharmacist, Long-term care facility pharmacist, Managed cared pharmacist, Public health service pharmacist, Clinical specialist, Clinical drug researcher, Quality control supervisor Univ of the Pacific, UC San Diego, USC 
Political science Social sciences U.S. government, Judicial processes, U.S. foreign policy, Public policy analysis, International law, Global issues, Political action groups, Comparative politics, Political theory, American political campaigns and elections, Politics of developing areas, Politics of ecological crisis, U.S. intelligence and policymaking, Contemporary political ideologies, Ethnic and racial politics, U.S. political thoughts U.S. politics, International relations, Comparative politics, Political theory International relations, History, Criminal justice and law enforcement, Public administration, Public relations, American studies, Urban, community, and regional planning, Legal studies, Journalism, Peace and conflict studies, Urban studies, Military technologies Business, Journalism, Government service, Public administration, Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), Law, Teaching, The Foreign Service, Diplomatic corps. (1) Yale Univ, (2) Harvard Univ, (3) UC Berkeley, (4) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (5) Univ of Chicago, (6) MIT, (7) Stanford Univ, (8) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (9) Cornell Univ, (10) Princeton Univ, (11) UCLA, (12) Northwestern Univ, (13) Columbia Univ, (14) Duke Univ, (15) Johns Hopkins Univ, (16) Univ of Notre Dame, (17) Tufts Univ, (18) Georgetown Univ, (19) Vanderbilt Univ, (20) UC Santa Barbara, (21) NYU, (22) Washington Univ in St. Louis 
Psychology Social sciences Abnormal psychology, Social psychology, Personality development, Learning and memory, History of psychology, Tests and measurement, Cognitive psychology, Statistics, Child psychology, Perception, Physiological psychology, Experimental psychology, Industrial/organizational psychology, Developmental psychology, Research methods in psychology, Cross-cultural psychology Methodology/research, Applied psychology, Clinical psychology, Child psychology, Social psychology Mental health services technology, Behavioral sciences, Gerontology, Industrial engineering, Neuroscience, Human development and family studies, Criminology, Sociology, Child development, Anthropology, Human resources management, Religious studies Social worker, School psychologist, Clinical psychologist, Lawyer, Counseling psychologist, Physician (internist, psychiatrist, or other specialist), Health care administrator, Psychotherapist (1) Stanford Univ, (2) Yale Univ, (3) Univ of Pennsylvania, (4) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (5) Univ of Minnesota, (6) UC Berkeley, (7) Harvard Univ, (8) Univ of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, (9) Univ of Chicago, (10) Columbia Univ, (11) UC San Diego, (12) UCLA, (13) Carnegie Mellon Univ, (14) MIT, (15) Princeton Univ, (16) Cornell Univ, (17) Brown Univ, (18) Northwestern Univ, (19) Johns Hopklins Univ, (20) Duke Univ, (21) NYU 
Religious studies Religion and theology Introduction to religion, Judaism, Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Religions of China, American religions, Existentialist theology, Religions of Japan, Religion and moral issues, Critiques of religion, Pilgrimage, Mysticism, New religious movements, Philosophy of religion Particular religions, Groups of religions (for example, Asian), Historical periods, Cultural studies (Christianity in the Americas), Comparative religions Anthropology, Peace and conflict studies, Theology, Near and Middle Eastern studies, Medieval and Renaissance studies, History, Archaeology, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Global studies High school teacher, College professor, Social worker, Journalist (1) Indiana Univ-Bloomington, (2) Univ of Virginia, (3) Princeton Univ, (4) Yale Univ, (5) Duke Univ, (6) Dartmouth College, (7) UC Santa Barbara, (8) Syracuse Univ, (9) Vanderbilt Univ, (10) Northwestern Univ, (11) Univ of Pennsylvania, (12) Stanford Univ, (13) Harvard Univ, (14) Brown Univ, (15) Oberlin College 
Russian Languages Elementary Russian, Intermediate Russian, Advanced Russian, Russian theater and drama, The Russian short story, The Russian novel, Phonetics and intonation, Conversation and composition, Survey of Russian literature, Alexander Pushkin, Nikolai Gogol, Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy, Anton Chekhov Russian literature, Russian language Linguistics, Comparative literature, History, Political science, Geography, Anthropology, International relations, International business, Russian/Slavic studies, Slavic languages, Central/Middle/Eastern European studies High school teacher, College professor, Foreign Service Officer, Interpreter/translator (1) Columia Univ, (2) Yale Univ, (3) Univ of Chicago, (4) Univ of Pennsylvania, (5) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (6) Harvard Univ, (7) Indiana Univ-Bloomington, (8) Stanford Univ, (9) Brown Univ, (10) Cornell Univ, (11) NYU, (12) UCLA, (13) Northwestern Univ 
Social work Public administration Human behavior and social environment, Introduction to psychology, Introduction to sociology, Social work research, Social work practice, Social policy and services, Values and ethics, Diversity, Modern social problems, Populations-at-risk, Social and economic justice, Community resources, Field internship None Sociology, Psychology, Native American studies, American sign language (ASL), Funeral services/mortuary science, Human development and family studies, Community health services, Gerontology, Youth ministry, Emergency medical technology (EMT paramedic), Nursing (RN), Occupational therapy Generalist social work practitioner, Clinician, Administrator, Case manager, Social planner, Researcher (1) Wayne St Univ, (2) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (3) NYU, (4) Univ of Washington, (5) Univ of Pittsburg, (6) Univ of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, (7) Univ of Pennsylvania, (8) Temple Univ, (9) Syracuse Univ, (10) UC Berkeley 
Sociology Social sciences Introduction to sociology, Sociological theory, Research methods, Social stratification, Deviance, Socially complex organizations, Minority groups, Juvenile delinquency, Social problems, Gender roles, Social psychology, Sociology of education, Sociology of the family Racial and ethnic minorities, Sex and gender, Criminology and delinquency, Family sociology, Work and occupations, Urban or rural affairs, Stratification African-American studies, Political science, Anthropology, Community organization/advocacy, Criminal justice and law enforcement, Chicano studies, Media studies, Parks, recreation, and leisure studies, Human development and family studies, Social work, Urban, community, and regional planning, Gay/lesbian studies Marketing, Consumer research, Advertising, Insurance, Human resources, Teaching, Nonprofit organizations, Community development agencies, Environmental groups, Criminal justice (probation or parole officers), Government research (in local, state, and federal agencies), Law, Urban planning, Foreign Service, Industrial sociology (1) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (2) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (3) Univ of Chicago, (4) Univ of North Carorlina-Chapel Hill, (5) Columbia Univ, (6) Harvard Univ, (7) Stanford Univ, (8) Univ of Washington, (9) UCLA, (10) Yale Univ, (11) Univ of Pennsylvania, (12) Cornell Univ, (13) Princeton Univ, (14) NYU, (15) Duke Univ, (16) Northwestern Univ, (17) Boston Univ, (18) UC Berkeley 
Spanish Languages Elementary Spanish, Intermediate Spanish, Advanced Spanish, Spanish literature in translation, Culture and civilization, Business Spanish, Latin American novels, Applied linguistics, Spanish Renaissance, Miguel de Cervantes, Phonetics, Latin American literature in translation, Iberian peninsular literature  Spanish literature, Latin American literature, Spanish and Portuguese literature, Language teaching, International trade, Translation Comparative literature, Linguistics, Language interpretation/translation, European studies, Spanish/Iberian studies, Latin American studies, History, Linguistics, Chicano studies, Spanish teacher education, International business College professor, Interpreter/translator, High school teacher, ESL teacher (1) Univ of Pennsylvania, (2) Harvard Univ, (3) Univ of Texas-Austin, (4) UC Berkeley, (5) Yale Univ, (6) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (7) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (8) UCLA, (9) Stanford Univ, (10) Cornell Univ, (11) Brown Univ, (12) UC San Diego, (13) Princeton Univ, (14) Columbia Univ, (15) NYU, (16) UC Irvine, (17) UC Santa Barbara, (18) USC 
Statistics Mathematics Statistical methods, I & II, Statistical theory I & II, Experimental design and analysis of variance, Regression analysis, Statistical computing, Sample survey theory, Applied time series analysis, Technical writing, Probability, Statistical quality control, Calculus Actuarial science Accounting, Information systems, Genetics, Economics, Systems science/theory, Econometrics/quantitative economics, Computational mathematics, Actuarial science, Applied mathematics, Systems engineering, Operations research, Business statistics  Actuary, Data analyst, Statistician, Statistical analyst, Statistical programmer, Professor, Project statistician (1) UC Berkeley, (2) Stanford Univ, (3) Columbia Univ, (4) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (5) Purdue Univ-West Lafayette, (6) Unic of Chicago, (7) UC Santa Barbara, (8) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (9) Univ of Pennsylvania, (10) Rice Univ, (11) UC Davis, (12) Cornell Univ 
Agricultural business Agriculture Introduction to agribusiness, Managerial accounting, Economics (micro and macro), Statistics, Farming technologies, Production management, Farm and ranch management, Human resources management, Agricultural marketing, International trade, Agricultural finance, Farm management laboratory, Agricultural history and law, Agricultural policy, Business/environmental law, Management informatoin systems Agricultural economics, Agricultural marketing, Farm and ranch management, Agricultural finance, Environmental economics, Crop or animal production, International agriculture and trade Economics, Business administration and management, Accounting, Agronomy anbd crop science, Animal sciences, Forest resources production, Ranger science, Agricultural and biological engineering, Geography, Farm and ranch management, International business, Aquaculture Agribusiness manager or marketer, Farmer or rancher, Loan officer, Government agency employee, Production supervisor, Financial analyst, Commodity merchandiser  
Agricultural economics Agriculture Accounting, Economics (micro and macro), Statistics, Quantative methods in agricultural economics, Agriclutural marketing and sales, Agricultural price analysis, Agribusiness management, Agricultural cooperatives, Agricultural finance, Agricultural policy, Commodity future markets, International trade and finance, Agricultural and business law, Environmental resources development, Rural economic development, Professional career development Farm and ranch management, Marketing, Finance, Environmental economics, Rural development, International economic development Agricultural business, Farm and ranch management, Agricultural education services, Environmental studies, Finance, Development economics, Mathematics, Statistics, Management information systems, Global studies, Public policy analysis, International business Agricultural statistician, Agricultural consultant, Government agency employee (e.g., USDA), Financial analyst, Bank manager or loan officer, Sales representative, Natural resources manager, Public policy analyst, Commodities broker, Trader, or merchandiser  
Agronomy and crop science Agriculture Plant pathology, Entomology, Pest management, Soil fertility, Weed science, Ecology, World food issues, Sustainable agriculture, Genetics, Weather and climate, Seed science and technology, Global climate change, Plant breeding, Crop management and production, Soil science, Statistics Agroecology, Crop and soil management, Plant breeding, Pest management, Seed production and technology, Soil conservation, Turfgrass management, Climatology, Biotechnology Forestry, Sustainable agriculture, Plant science, Atmospheric science, Plant protection/pest management, Range science, Soil science, Biochemistry, Agricultural and biological engineering, Genetics, Turf management, Agricultural education services Agricultural business manager, Plant breeder, Seed production specialist, Environmental and natural resources manager, Farm manager, Government agency employee, Range management specialist, Crop and soil management specialist, Soil conservationist and surveyor  
Animal sciences Agriculture Animal behavior, Animal biology, Animal evaluation, Nutrition, Livestock management, Poultry science, Dairy science, Endocrinology, Genetics, Growth and development, Lactation, Livestock marketing, Reproductive physiology, Artificial insemination practices, Companion animal management, Meat science and processing Reproductive physiology, Genetics and breeding, Endocrinology, Animal nutrition, Animal behavior Zoology, Livestock management, Wildlife and wilderness management, Veterinary technology, Biochemistry, Aquaculture, Dairy science, Entomology, Food science, Microbiology, Poultry science, Agricultural and biological engineering Livestock production manager, Artificial breeding technician, Research technician, Vocational agriculture teacher, Sales representative for agricultural supplier, Extension agent, Farm or ranch manager, Veterinarian  
Equestrian studies Agriculture Equine anatomy and physiology, Equine nutrition, Equine breed types and selection, Stable management, Equine lameness and disease, Stud farm management, Equine breeding lab, Equine business management, Equine health management, Management of equine events, Equine breaking and training, Equitation (riding) classes, Care and prevention of athletic injuries, Teaching horsemanship, Entrepreneurship Equine business management Animal sciences, Physical education, Horse husbandry/equine science, Veterinary technology, Wildlife and wilderness management, Sports and fitness administration, Athletic training, Biology, Zoology, Entrepreneurial studies Horse care technician, Assistant manger/trainer, Farrier (individual who shoes horses), Riding instructor, Equine massage therapist, Veterinarian, Biomedical technician, Nutritional consultant, Pharmaceutical representative  
Farm and ranch management Agriculture Introduction to agricultural economics, Microeconomic theory, Marketing agricultural products, Principles of farm and ranch management, Equipment operation and maintenance, Financial management in agriculture, Accounting principles, Animal health and nutrition, feedlot management, Livestock production, Advanced farm and ranch management, Agricultural price analysis, Agricultural commodity futures, Agricultural policy, Macroeconomics of agriculture, Rural entrepreneurship Crop production, Animal husbandry, Agricultural mechanization, Agricultural marketing Range science, Agronomy and crop science, Veterinary technology, Animal breeding, Dairy science, Sustainable agriculture, Mining and mineral engineering, Entomology, Heavy equipment maintenance, Operations management, Turf management, Entrepreneurial studies Farmer, Rancher, Business owner or manager, Farm/ranch appraiser, Rural loan officer, Consultant, Farm machinery company representative  
Food science Agriculture Introduction to food science, Agricultural economics, Food chemistry, Food microbiology, Food engineering, Packaging and distribution, Nutrition, Dairy foods processing, Plant foods processing, Meat processing, Food laws and regulations, Sensory analysis, Food quality control and management, Unti operations Food chemistry, Food-processing technology, Packaging, Safety and quality assurance, Sensory evaluation, Food microbiology, Food engineering, Nutrition Food and nutrition studies, Dietetics, Agricultural and biological engineering, Animal sciences, Dairy science, Plant sciences, Agricultural business, Microbiology, Chemical engineering, Biotechnology, Restaurant/food services management, Culinary arts and chef training Food technologist, Research and development scientist, Quality assurance manager, Food inspector, Process engineer, Packaging technologist  
Horticulture Agriculture Plant biology, Plant propagation, Plant taxonomy and identification, Soil science and plant nutrition, Plant genetics, Greenhouse management, Floriculture production, Vegetable production, Nursery management, Prganic and sustainable plant production, Fruit production, Viticluture (grapes and wine making) Plant physiology, Landscape design, Plant pathology, Entomology Floriculture, Environmental horticulture, Ornamental horticulture, FIeld crops, Nursery management, Greenhouse operations, Landscape design, Fruit crops Botany, Plant sciences, Forestry, Entomology, Natural resource conservation, Sustainable agriculture, Landscaping/groundskeeping, Turf management, Agricultural and biological engineering, Landscape architecture, Fine/studio arts Plant production manager, Manager of garden center or retail florist, Golf course or resort landscape manager, Fruit or vegetable grower, Greenhouse grower, Nursery manager, Landscape designer, Organic producer, Viticulturalist (wine grower), research technician  
Soil science Agriculture General and organic chemistry, Quantitative soil analysis, Meteorology, Geology, Soil chemistry, Soil morphology, genesis, and taxonomy, Soils and land use, Soil fertility, Environmental soil management, Soil microbiology, Agronomic crop science, SOil contaminants, Plant and soil water relations, Soil physics, Introductory plant pathology, Hydrogeology None Horticulture, Environmental science, Natural resources and conservation, Agronomy and crop science, Landscape architecture, Microbiology, Range science, Agricultural and biological engineering, Botany, Farm and ranch management, Geology/earth science, Biochemistry Soil surveyor, Researcher, Field soil scientist with federal or state agricultural or environmental agency, or with private industry, Environmental consultant, Soil chemistry consultant, Hazardous waste specialist  
Sustainable agriculture Agriculture Principles and practices of sustainable agriculture, Agroecology, Cropping systems, Weed ecology and management, Integrated pest management, Soil science, Organic soil management, Organic vegetable and fruit production, Crop ecology, Watershed ecosystem analysis, Human nutrition, Land use history and planning, Resource and environmental economics, Environmental policy and law, Rural sociology, Agriculture and environmental ethics Entomology, Plant pathology, Agricultural economics, Rural sociology Agronomy and crop science, Farm and ranch management, Agricultural education services, Global studies, Plant protection/pest management, Urban, community, and regional planning, Agricultural and biological engineering, Botany, Food and nutrition studies, Solar energy technology, Environmental studies, Natural resources and conservation Farmer or farm manager, Organic farm certifier, Agricultural educator, Natural Resources & Conservation Service (NRCS) agent, Crop consultant, Community farm manager, Community food bank manager, Agribusiness employee  
Architecture Architecture Architectural history, Architectural graphics, Design fundamentals, Architectural design, Architectural theory, Construction materials and methods, Structural design, Environmental controls, Site design, Engineering mechanics, Computer-aided design (CAD), Construction eonomics None Civil engineering, Architectural history/criticism, Historic preservation, Real estate, Environmental design, Industrial design, Drafting and design technology, Housing and human environments, Physics, Interior design, Construction management, Marine engineering/naval architecture Architect, Urban planner, Landscape architect, Architectural historian, Graphic designer, Industrial designer, Construction manager  
Environmental design Architecture Architectural and landscape drawing, Behavior and environment, Materials and methods, Construction technology, Environmental control systems, Urban history, Computer-aided design, Landscape design, Community planning, Architectural history, Landscape ecology, Law and urban land use, Site systems and engineering, Geographical information systems (GIS), Restoration and reclamation ecology, Facilities planning and design Landscape and horticultural design, Urban planning and design, Facilities planning, Designing for universal access, Designing for special populations (elderly, physically-challenged, etc.) Landscape architecture, Interior design, Urban studies, Parks, recreation, and leisure studies, Environmental studies, Historic preservation, Industrial design, Geology/earth science, Construction management, Land use planning, Housing and human environments, Drafting and design technology City or community planner, Neighborhood housing specialist, Architect, Interior designer, Landscape architect, Construction manager, Facilities planner/manager, Real estate developer  
Landscape architecture Architecture Fundamentals of design, Computer-aided drafting (CAD), Landscape planning, Landscape design, Landscape technology, Graphic communications, Applied ecology, Landscape construction, Plant materials, Plant identification, Plane surveying, Landscape architectural history, Landscape architectural theory Landscape restoration, Landscape technology, Ecological planning Environmental design, Environmental studies, Landscaping/groundskeeping, Horticulture, Land use planning, Mining and mineral engineering, Urban forestry, Graphic design, Parks/recreational/leisure facilities management, Environmental engineering, Botany, Turf management Landscape architect, Landscape construction manager, Political advocate, Urban planning, Environmental agency manager, Natural resource manager  
Urban, community, and regional planning Architecture Planning theories, Planning practice, Regional studies, Technology of urban life, History of cities, Urban and landscape design, Social issues, Land use regulation and law, Transportation planning, Economic development, Community development, Housing, Environmental planning, Geographic information systems (GIS), Cartography, Field/design project None Civil engineering, Urban forestry, Emergency management/homeland security, Landscape architecture, Land use planning, Historic preservation, Housing and human environments, Environmental design, Public administration, Urban studies, Political science, Sociology Land use planner, Geographic information systems, Director, Transportation planner, Grant writer, Housing coordinator, Parks/open space planner, Architect, Cartographer  
African-American studies Area, ethnic, and gender studies American history to 1865, African-American politics, History and cultures of Africa, Multiculturalism in modern America, Modern African-American experience, Caribbean history and society, Christianity and colonialism in Africa, African-American religions, African-American society, African-American folklore, African-American poetry, Modern African literature, African-American music, Women in African-American cinema, Seminar in race and ethnicity African-American history, African-American language, Literature, and art, Social and political inquiry African studies, Latin American studies, Chicano studies, Jazz studies, American literature, Intercultural/diversity studies, Islamic studies, Caribbean studies, Women's studies, Urban studies, Anthropology, Sociology Education, Social service, Public administration, Business  
American studies Area, ethnic, and gender studies American civilization, Women in American society, American literature, American film, The American wilderness, American art and architecture, American folklore, Ethnicity in America, American regional cultures, Religion in America, American music, American popular culture, American eras, Contemporary America, American political culture, Native American cultures Ethnic studies (including a focus on specific groups), Media studies, Popular culture studies, Gender and/or gay and lesbian studies American literature, Political science, Sociology, Art history, Anthropology, African-American studies, Women's studies, Latin American studies, Geography, Native American studies, Chicano studies High school teacher, Writer, Journalist, Literary or media critic, Political consultant  
Asian studies Area, ethnic, and gender studies Asian language (I & II), Religions of India, Buddhist thought and values, Introduction to Asian art, Classical Asian civilizations: China and Japan, Asian politics and economic development, Masterpieces of Asian literature, Political philosophy in Southeast Asia, Japanese art and culture, Chinese calligraphy, Modern Japan, The Chinese-American experience, Political power in contemporary China, Premodern Japanese literature, Music of Asia, Tibetan civilization Asian language, East Asian literature, South Asian literature, Politics and history, Anthropology, Geography, Art history Asian-American studies, Chinese, Linguistics, Anthropology, Archaeology, Geography, Global studies, Religious studies, Islamic studies, International business, International relations, Art history International trade consultant, Importer/exporter, Journalist, Foreign Service officer, ESL teacher  
Chicano studies Area, ethnic, and gender studies History of Chicano Los Angeles, Recent Chicano literature, Farmworker movements, social justice ,and AFL-CIO, Chicano folklore and oral tradition, Contemporary Chicano theater, Music of Latin America, Chicana feminism, Barrio popular culture, Immigration and Latino identity, Border consciousness, The Mexican mural, Health in Chicano/Latino populations, Mexican Americans and U.S. education, U.S.-Mexico relations, Bilingual writing workshop, Interracial dynamics in American society None Anthropology, Sociology, Urban, community, and regional planning, Intercultural/diversity studies, ESL teacher education, Latino studies, Journalism, Caribbean studies, Latin American studies, Native American studies, Labor studies, Geography Business, Education, Government  
European studies Area, ethnic, and gender studies Greece and Rome, Cities of Europe, Medieval Europe, United States and the European Economic Union, Post-Communist Russia, Baroque art, Indo-European comparative mythology, European cinema, Folk music of Eastern Europe, Irish nationalism, Modern Britain, Women in Italian culture, The Mediterranean world, past and present, Don Quixote, Dante's Divine Comedy, The Third Reich and the Holocaust Comparative literature, International relations, Government and politics, History and culture of a particular country, region, or historical period International business, Linguistics, Anthropology, History, Geography, Global studies, Tourism/travel management, Journalism, Architectural history/criticism, Classics, Medieval and Renaissance studies, Art history Government service, International business and finance, Travel and tourism, Journalism, Law, Management, Public relations, Teaching  
Latin American studies Area, ethnic, and gender studies Introduction to Latin American studies, Latin American history, Latin American economics, Latin American geography, Latin American art, Latin American anthropology, Latin American literature, Current Latin American politics, High civilizations of the Americas, Peoples and cultures of modern Latin America, Latin American environmental issues, Colonial rule in Latin America, Revolutionary change in Latin America, The United States and Latin America Economics, History, Political science, Spanish literature, Portuguese literature, Geography, Sociology, Anthropology, International business, Particular geographic areas Chicano studies, Spanish, Portuguese, International economics, Women's studies, History, Geography, International business, Anthropology, Caribbean studies, International relations, Sociology International business manager/consultant, Export-import manager, Translator/interpreter, Journalist, Foreign Service officer  
Native American studies Area, ethnic, and gender studies Cultures of native North America and Alaska, Tribal governments, Contemporary issues in Native American studies, Oral and written traditions of Native Americans, Native American health and healing, Native American religion and philosophy, Native American arts, Contemporary indigenous issues and literatures, Native American history until 1865, Ecological perspectives of Native Americans, Sociology of Native Americans, Native Americans and film, Research and methods in native American studies, Gender issues in Native American studies, Indigenous worldview perspectives, Native language study/linguistics Based on discipline, e.g., Anthropology, Political science, Sociology, Literature, or History, or on a particular region, e.g., North America, Mexico, Central America, or South America American history (U.S.), Anthropology, Environmental studies, Linguistics, Latin American studies, Chicano studies, Musicology/ethnomusicology, Archaeology, Historic preservation, Sociology, Social work, Community health services Teacher, Park ranger, Government officer, Lawyer, Social worker  
Near and Middle Eastern studies Area, ethnic, and gender studies Arabic, Arabic literature in translation, Modern Near and Middle Eastern history, Near and Middle Eastern politics, Turkish, Islamic history and civilization, Islamic religion, People of the Near and Middle East, Hebrew, Persian, Islam and politics, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, The United States and the Near and Middle East, Colonialism, imperialism, and nationalism, Palestine, Zionism, and Israel, Art in the Islamic world Geographic areas, Area languages (Arabic, Turkish, Persian, Hebrew, etc.), Area literature, Disciplines with Near and Middle Eastern focus (such as Turkish history) Arabic, History, Journalism, Linguistics, Archaeology, Art history, Islamic studies, Peace and conflict studies, Religious studies, Judaic studies, Ancient Near Eastern/Biblical languages, International relations Foreign Service Officer, International business or trade consultant, Teacher, College professor, Translator/interpreter, Intelligence analyst, Journalist, Social worker  
Women's studies Area, ethnic, and gender studies Women's history, Women in the economy, Women and literature, Gender, race, and class, Biological basis of sex differences, Feminism, state, and public policy, Feminist theories, Gender and colonization, Gender and language, Gender and sexuality in cross-cultural perspective, Gender inequality, Global perspectives on gender, Gender, sexuality, and law, History of sexuality, Women in cinema, Sociology of marriage Race, class, and ethnicity in the United States, Lesbian, bisexual, gay, and transgender studies, Global perspectives, Feminist theory, Women's history, Movements, institutions, and social policy, Gender, science, and health, Women's art and literature African-American studies, European studies, Native American studies, Latin American studies, American literature, Anthropology, Comparative literature, Psychology, Sociology, Human development and family studies, History, Gay/lesbian studies Activist careers in social and political issues or social services, Education (all levels), Business, Public policy and administration, Health services, Communications, Film, and (with appropriate graduate degrees)in college teaching, Research, Law, Medicine  
Agricultural education Agriculture Teaching Processes, Philosophy of Education, Media and Communication, Educational Psychology, Extension Education, Learning Processes, Multicultural Experiences, Human Development, Program Planning, Agriculture Education, Student Teaching Public school teaching, Extension service Education, Trade and industrial education Teacher, Human resources trainer, Extension agent, County extension agent with 4-H, or county extension agent involved with agricultural issues  
Art education Visual and performing arts Design and Color Theory, Art Appreciation, Art of the Western World, Foundations of Art Education, Teaching Art, Studio Art, Art History, Teaching Aesthetics, Art for Young Children, Teaching Art Criticism Studio art, Aesthetics, Museum education, Art history, Art criticism Advertising, Anthropology, Archaeology, Architecture, Art history, Art therapy, Arts management, Fashion design, Film arts, Graphic design, Humanities, Interior design,Museum studies, Photography, Studio art Elementary or secondary school art teacher, Curriculum specialists, Supervisors, or art administrators  
Arts management Visual and performing arts Accounting, Economics, Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, Statistics Public relations, Marketing, Promotion of music, dance, or theater, Human resources management Business administration, Dance, Dramatic arts/theater, Film arts, management, Music business management, Music education, Public relations Theater manager, Public relations representative, Symphony orchestra manger, Dance company manger, Admissions director (at an arts-related institution), and other administrative positions with arts organizations  
Music therapy Visual and performing arts Music Theory, Music Literature, Child Psychology, Anatomy and Physiology, Psychology of Music, Music History, Conducting, Abnormal Psychology, Music in Therapy, Clinical Practicum Psychology, Music education, Music performance, Special education Art therapy, Dance therapy, Music education, Occupational therapy, Psychology, Social work, Special education, Speech correction Music therapist in psychiatric, medical, state, and Veterans Administration hospitals, and in schools, clinics, and private practice  
Biophysics Biological sciences Cell and Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Statistics, Linear Algebra, Genetics, Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Calculus, Numerical Analysis, Computer Programming Molecular biophysics, Neurobiology and Neurophysiology, Physiology, Photobiology, Enzymology, Mathematical and computer modeling Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Computer science, Engineering, Mathematics, Molecular and cell biology Physics Universities and medical centers, national laboratories, public and private research centers, and in corporations taht manufacture health products, Pharmaceuticals, and scientific instruments  
Labor/industrial relations Business Human Resources Management, Industrial Psychology, Collective Bargaining, Public Policy, Labor Economics, Labor History, Employment/labor Law None Economics, Human resources management, Industrial and organizational psychology Industry, labor unions, or government  
Management science Business Management Science, Decision Analysis, Accounting, Econometrics, Organization Behavior, Strategic Management, Mathematical Statistics, Management Theory, Economics, Financial Management, Management Information Systems Economics, Marketing, Psychology, Computer science, Accounting, Finance, Organizational behavior, Production/operations management, Management information systems Business administration, Industrial engineering, Management, Operations research (quantitative methods), Systems engineering Systems analysts, Systems engineers, Consultants with national consulting firms, internal staff consultants in large organizations, and computer consultants  
Speech Communications Public Speaking, Listening, Ancient Rhetoric, Rhetorical Theory, Political Communication, Audience Analysis, Contemporary Rhetoric, Media Analysis and Criticism, Organizational Communication, Speech Composition, Group Communication, Rhetorical Criticism, Nonverbal Communication, Persuasive Speaking, Interpersonal Communication, Role of Rhetoric in Society, Cross-cultural Communication Organizational communication, Health communication, Broadcasting, Journalism, Political communication, Business communication Communications, Graphic design, Journalism Advertising, Public relations, Speech writing, Public information, Corporate communications, Journalism  
Technology (industrial arts) education Education Production Systems, Transportation Systems, Computers in Technology, Graphic Communications, Construction Processes, Curriculum Development, Communication Systems, Materials and Processes, Power and Energy Systems, Electronic Communications, Product Design, Student Teaching None Agricultural education, Business education, Science education, Trade and industrial education Technology teaching at the middle school or junior or senior high level  
Nuclear medical technology Health Patient Care, Nuclear Medicine Physics, Radiopharmacology, Radiochemistry, Radionuclide Therapy, Medical Ethics, Diagnostic Procedures, Radiation Safety, Nuclear Instrumentation, Radiation Biology, Radioimmunoassay Procedures ,Computer Applications, Clinical Education Magnetic resonance imaging, Diagnostic medical sonography, Radiopharmaceuticals, Radiological/health physics Dental hygiene, Gerontology, Nutritional sciences, Occupational therapy, Pharmacy, Physical therapy, Social work, Speech pathology/audiology Nursing, Public and community health agencies, physicians' offices, clinics, hospitals, schools, factories, prisons, wellness centers, the Red Cross, home and foreign missions, youth camps, professional organizations, mental health agencies, the armed forces, rehabilitation centers, in-home care, insurance companies, and private practices   
Day care administration Family and consumer sciences Child Development, Environmental Organization, Community Relations, Financial Management, Administration and Supervision, Early Childhood Curriculum, Child Guidance, Child Psychology, Organizational Behavior Early childhood education, Early childhood special education Child development, care and guidance, Early childhood education, Elementary education, Special education Day care, preschool, or early childhood education program director, Head Start director, Administrator of social, educational, and therapeutic services for young children  
Home economics Family and consumer sciences Basic Nutrition, Marriage and the Family, Consumer Economics, Child Development, Meal Management, Food Science, Nutrition in the Life Cycle, Family Financial Management, Apparel Production, Apparel Merchandising, Human Development Family and community services, Fashion design/merchandising, Consumer economics, Resource management, Food sciences and nutrition, Home economics journalism and communication, Home economics education, International studies in home economics Business administration, Chemistry, Communications, Fine arts, Journalism, Psychology, Secondary education, Social work, Sociology Community services director, Consumer services representative, Consumer affairs director, Financial planner, Cooperative extension services, agent, Nutrition educator, Home economics teacher, Curriculum development specialist, Journalist, Editor, Peace Corps or Vista volunteer, Sales representative, Product designer  
Home economics education Family and consumer sciences Human Development, Family in Society, Food Preparation, Housing, Consumer Management, Clothing Construction, Educational Philosophy, Instructional Media, Curriculum Development, Family Relationships, Financial Management, Nutrition, Psychology of Clothing, Textiles, Learning Theories, Educational Psychology, Computers in Education, Student Teaching Occupational home economics, Extension education Early childhood education, Family/consumer resource management, Fashion design, Food sciences, Hotel/motel and restaurant management, Individual and family development, Marketing, Nutritional sciences, Textile technology Home economics teacher in elementary or secondary schools, Occupational home economics teacher in secondary, postsecondary, or adult programs, Cooperative extension family life specialist, Cooperative extension 4-H specialist, Adult education teacher, Preschool teacher, Administrator of vocational education, Educational specialist in business or industry  
Hotel/motel and restaurant management Family and consumer sciences Hospitality Law, Institutional Purchasing, Convention Marketing, Principles of Marketing, Hotel/Restaurant Accounting, Tourism Development, Facility Maintenance, Food Preparation Laboratory, Food and Beverage Management Hotel/motel management, Fast food management, Sales and marketing, Facility design, Restaurant management, Human resource management, Groups and convention sales Business administration, Food sciences and nutrition, Hospitality and recreation marketing, Real estate, Tourism, Transportation and travel marketing Entry-level managers in a national hotel or restaurant chain  
Housing and human development Family and consumer sciences Introduction to Housing, Housing Alternatives, Home Technology, Interiors and Furnishings, State and Local Developments, Federal Housing Developments, Demographics, Family Resource Management, Home Management, Principles of Family Finance  Real estate, Engineering, Environmental design, Merchandising, Business, Journalism, Landscape architecture, Textiles, Interiors Civil engineering, Management science, Marketing, Political science and government, Psychology, Sociology Real estate companies, State and federal agencies, Public utilities, Historic preservation firms, Financial/mortgage institutions, and Trade organizations  
Jewish studies Area, ethnics, and gender studies Hebrew Language/Literature, Introduction to the Bible, Rabbinic Literature, Classical Jewish History, Modern Near Eastern Studies, Zionism, Yiddish Language and Literature, The Ancient Middle East, Modern Jewish History, Jewish Philosophy and Thought, Contemporary Jewish Studies, The Holocaust The Bible, Jewish history, Jewish thought, Jewish literature Anthropology, History, International relations, Literature and language majors, Philosophy, Religion Business, Education, Government service, social work, and other careers that require a liberal arts education  
Urban studies Area, ethnic, and gender studies Community Development, Spatial Analysis, Minority Issues, Local Government, Intergenerational Issues, Economic Development, Cultural Pluralism, Social Institutions, Group and Intergroup Relations Environmental psychology, Social and human services, Policy and politics, Physical design, Criminal justice and deviancy City, community, and regional planing, Civil engineering, Environmental studies, Health services management, Housing and human development, Labor/industrial relations, Management science, Parks and recreation management, Political science and government, Social work Social service workers, Policy analysts, or Urban planners  
Geophysics Physical sciences Structural Geology, Field Geology, Differential Equations, Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Physics, Exploration Methods, Rocks and Minerals, Advanced Calculus, Complex Variables, Physics, Linear Signals and Systems, Computer Programming Exploration (for mineral, water, and energy resources), Engineering and geotechnical geophysics (analysis of dam sites, environmental studies such as in waste management), and pure scientific study of the earth and its processes Applied mathematics, Computer science, Electrical engineering, Geology, Mathematics, Physics Geophysicists in industry work for oil, mining, exploration, and well-logging companies acquiring, processing, and interpreting results of large-scale active geophysical experiments  
Social studies education Social sciences Educational Psychology, Curricula and Methods, Organization of Schools, Social Foundations of Education, Courses in History, Courses in Social Sciences None Early childhood education, Elementary education, History, Political science and government, Secondary education Secondary social studies teacher, Educational administration, School counseling, or college teaching (either teacher education, history, or a social science)  
Computer science Computer and information sciences Introduction to program design, Data structures, Computer system organization, Mathematics for computer science, Automata and formal language theory, Algorithms, Digital system design, Operating systems, Software engineering, Compliers, Principles of database design, Computer graphics, Artificial intelligence, Robotics Theoretical computer science, Computer systems, Artificial intelligence, Databases, Graphics, Robotics, Computational biology, Computational linguistics, Multimedia Computer engineering, Electrical and communications engineering, Computer hardware engineering, Computational mathematics, Cognitive science, Software engineering, Systems engineering, Robotics technology, Information technology, Computer enginerring technology, Computer graphics, Digital media Senior programmer, Systems analyst, Network administrator, Database manager, Software developer, Financial analyst (1) MIT, (2) Carnegie Mellon Univ, (3) UC Berkeley, (4) Cornell Univ, (5) Univ of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, (6) UCLA, (7) Yale Univ, (8) Cal Tech, (9) Univ of Texas-Austin, (10) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (11) Princeton Univ, (12) USC, (13) Brown Univ, (14) Georgia Inst of Tech, (15) Univ of Pennsylvania, (16) NYU, (17) Columbia Univ, (18) Rice Univ, (19) Duke Univ, (20) Northwestern Univ, (21) UC Irvine, (22) UC San Diego, (23) Indiana Univ-Bloomington, (24) UC Santa Barbara, (25) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor 
Engineering - Electrical engineering technology Engineering technology Fundamentals of electronics, Electronic system drafting (CAD), Telecommunications systems, Electrical power and machines, Project management, Optical technology, Laser technology, Robotics, Data communications and computer networks, Technical writing, Transmission networks, Industrial electronics, Capstone project Electronics, Electrical power and machinery, Digital systems, Computers and microprocessor systems, Instrumentation, Automatoin and control systems, Telecommunications, Information technology, Electrical computer-aided drafting (CAD) Biomedical technology, Robotic technology, Industrial technology, Aeronautical/aerospace engineering technology, Automotive engineering technology, Agricultural equipment technology, Drafting and design technology, Heavy equipment maintenance, Machine tool technology, Manufacturing technologies, Technica land business writing Plant manager, Consulting engineer, Manufacturing engineer, Design engineer, Sales engineer (1) MIT, (2) Stanford Univ, (3) UC Berkeley, (4) Univ of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, (5) UCLA, (6) Cornell Univ, (7) Purdue Univ-West Lafayette, (8) USC, (9) Princeton Univ, (10) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (11) Carnegie Mellon Univ, (12) Columbia Univ, (13) Georgia Inst of Tech, (14) Northwestern Univ, (15) UC Santa Barbara, (16) Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst, (17) Johns Hopkins Univ, (18) Rice Univ, (19) Brown Univ, (20) UC San Diego, (21) Washington Univ in St. Louis, (22) Univ of Pennsylvania, (23) Yale Univ 
Nuclear engineering Engineering Introduction to nuclear science and engineering, Nuclear reactor theory, Nuclear fuel cycle, Radiation safety, Thermal hydraulics for nuclear plants, Radiation interactions with matter, Materials for nuclear applications, Radiation detection, Radiation shielding, Nuclear power systems, Nuclear engineering design, Engineering ethics Health physics, Radiation protection Radiatoin protectin/health physics technology, Nuclear engineering technology, Hazardous materials technology, Applied math, Environmental engineering, Marine engineering/naval architecture, Nuclear medical technology, Nuclear power technology, Physics, Applied physics, Medical radiologic technology/radiation therapy, Radiologic technology/medical imaging Health physicist, Radiation safety officer, Nuclear reactor operator, Nuclear equipment design engineer, Consulting engineer, Researcher at a national laboratory, Government employee (U.S. Navy or Department of Energy), Instrumentation design specialist, Radioactive waste manager or environmental restoration specialist (1) MIT, (2) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (3) UC Berkeley, (4) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (5) Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst, (6) Univ of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, (7) Pennsylvania St Univ-Univ Park, (8) Purdue Univ-West Lafayette, (9) Univ of Maryland-College Park, (10) UC Santa Barbara 
Computer engineering technology Engineering technology Basic electricity and electronics, Digital systems and microprocessors, Object-oriented software development, Programming fundamentals I & II, Operating systems, Digital/communications, Computer architecture, Assembly language applications, Electronics computer-aided design, Data structures and file processing, Digital testing techniques, Wide-area networking, Local-area networking, Systems administration, Technical writing and communications Local-area and wide-area networking (LAN/WAN), Systems administration, Communications systems, Microprocessors, Programming languages, Software engineering, Hardware engineering, Industrial automation systems, Robotics Game design, Software engineering, Digital media, Electrical and communications engineering, Management informatoin systems, Computer programming, Computational mathematics, Robotics technology, E-commerce, Information technology, Recording arts, Applied mathematics Systems analyst, Consulting engineer, Network administrator, Database administrator, Systems administrator, Software engineer (applications or systems), Support specialist (1) MIT, (2) UC Berkeley, (3) Univ of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, (4) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (5) Purdue Univ, (6) Case Western Reserve Univ, (7) Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst, (8) Carnegie Mellon Univ, (9) Syracuse Univ, (10) UCLA, (11) Georgie Inst of Tech, (12) Univ of Texas-Austin 
Metallurgical engineering Engineering Structure and properties of materials, Mechanics of materials, Mechanical behavior of solids, Metallurgical thermodynamics, Physical metallurgy, Chemical metallurgy, Extractive metallurgy, Processing and properties of metals, Transport phenomena in metallurgy, Casting and solidification processing, Metallurgical engineering design, Degradation of materials, Engineering economics, Senoir design project Physical metallurgy, Extractive metallurgy Materials engineering, Ceramic sciences/engineering, Chemical engineering, Electrical and communications engineering, Materials science, Chemistry, Physics, Metallurgical technology, Electrical engineering technology Industrial metallurgist, Industrial researcher, Research scientist at a university, Quality control specialist, Production engineer, Production supervisor (1) Univ of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, (2) Ohio St Univ-Columbus, (3) Carnegie Mellon Univ, (4) Pennsylvania St Univ-Univ Park, (5) Colorado School of Mines, (6) Univ of Wisconsin-Madison, (7) Iowa St Univ, (8) Univ of Pittsburgh, (9) Univ of Utah, (10) Univ of Idaho 
Software engineering Engineering Fundamentals of software development, Introduction to computer science, System analysis, Programming language concepts, Discrete mathematics, Statistics, Software architecture and design, Software construction and evolution, Software requirements and specification, Database systems, Operating systems, Software testing and quality assurance, Software project management, Senior project/capstone experience Commercial applications, Computer engineering, Scientific computing, Embedded systems Computer science, Computer engineering, Digital media, Electrical and communications engineering, Management informatoin systmes, Game design, Animatoin, Artificial intelligence/robotics, E-commerce, Computer engineering technology, Bioinformatics, Applied mathematics  Software engineer, Software developer, Software or systems analyst, Senior programmer, Systems programmer, Database administrator  
Ocean engineering Engineering Marine structures, Coastal structures, Oceanography, Marine hydrodynamics, Mechanics of materials, Diving technology, Passive and active circuits, Fluid mechanics, Ocean measurements and instrumentation, Fundamentals of ocean mechanics, Wave mechanics and littoral (seashore) processes, Underwater acoustics, Engineering materials, Marine geomechanics, Ocean resources engineering, Nearshore environmental engineering None Oceanography, Marine engineering/naval architecture, Environmental engineering, Marine biology, Marine science/Merchant Marine, Civil engineering, Water, wetlands, and marine management, Environmental science, Construction technology, Geology/earth science, Physics, Geography Coastal engineer, CIvil engineer, Underwater acoustician, Geotechnical engineer, Offshore engineer, Marine engineer (1) MIT, (2) Texas A&M Univ-College Station, (3) Florida Inst of Tech, (4) Virginia Tech 
Architectural engineering Engineering Architectural design fundamentals, Thermal/fluid sciences, Energy conservation in buildings, Architectural history, Soil mechanics, Seismic analysis and design, Construction materials and methods, Architectural graphics, Steel and reinforced concrete design, Computer-aided design (CAD), Lighting and power systems, Fire protection and plumbing design, Environmental systems design, Structural analysis, Construction finance and economics, Specifications and contracts Heating, Ventilating, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems, Plumbing, piping, and fire protection, Energy conservation adn solar energy, Electrical, lighting, communicatoins, and control systems, Structures, Construction, Acoustics, Facility management Drafting and design technology, Civil engineering, Structural engineering, Construction engineering, Marine engineering/naval architecture, Physics, Construction technology, Fire protection/safety technology, Heating/air conditioning/refrigeration technology, Urban, community, and regional planning, Environmental design, Architectural history/criticism Consulting engineer, Analytical or design engineer, Architect, Engineering manager, construction manager (1) Univ of Texas-Austin, (2) Pennsylvania St Univ-Univ Park, (3) Univ. of Kansas, (4) Univ of Colorado-Boulder, (5) Univ of Miami, (6) Kansas St Univ, (7) Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, (8) Oklahoma St Univ 
Mining and mineral engineering Engineering Physical geology, Structural geology, Engineering mechanics, Fluid mechanics, Thermodynamics, Ore and mineral deposits, Petrology, Mineral economics, Mining methods, Mine surveying, Mine planning and design, Ground control and rock mechanics, Rock blastnig and fragmentation, Mineral or coal processing, Environmental reclamation, Mine health and safety Surface mining, Underground mining, Hard-rock mining, Soft-rock (coal, phosphate, clays) mining, placer mining, quarry and industrial minerals mining Structural engineering, Geotechnical engineering, Environmental engineering, Natural resources and conservation, Mining technology, Surveying technology, Geology/earth science, Range science, Heavy/earthmoving equipment operation, Ocean engineering, Petroleum engineering, Geography Mine engineer, Constructoin engineer, Mine manager, Environmental engineer, Sales/technical representative (1) Colorada School of Mines, (2) Univ of Arizona, (3) Virgina Tech, (4) Pennsylvania St Univ-Univ Park, (5) Columbia Univ, (6) West Virginia Univ, (7) Univ of Utah, (8) Univ of Idaho 
Aeronautical/aerospace engineering Engineering Introduction to aerospace engineering, Thermodynamics, Strength of materials (with lab), Aerodynamics (with lab), Aerospace structures, Flight mechanics, Control systems, Aerospace propulsion, Flight controls, Space science and systems, Aerospace vehicle design, Robotics lab, Intelligent systems, Space mission design, Systems engineering, Computer aided design (CAD)  Aerodynamics, Aerospace structures, Propulsion, Controls, Aerospace vehicle design, Intelligent systems, Space science and systems Aeronautics and aviation science, Aeronautical/aerospace engineering technology, Mechanical engineering technology, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Atmospheric sciences, Applied physics, Instrumentation technology, Marine engineering/naval architecture, Aviation management, Materials science, Nuclear engineering Design engineer, Project engineer, Fighter pilot, Flight test engineer, Research engineer (1) MIT, (2) Univ of Michigan-Ann Arbor, (3) Princeton Univ, (4) Univ of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, (5) Purdue Univ-West Lafayette, (6) Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst, (7) USC, (8) Univ of Texas-Austin, (9) Univ of Notre Dame, (10) UCLA, (11) UC Davis, (12) Boston Univ 
Agricultural and biological engineering Engineering Agricultural engineering design, Biochemistry, Water resources engineering, Power and machinery, Engineering properties of biological materials, Biological and agricultural energy systems, Soil science, Instrumentation and measurement, Transport processes, Bioenvironmental systems design, Hydrology, Food proces engineering, Biosystems engineering, Electrical energy applications, Engineering mechanics, Fluid mechanics  Agricultural process engineering, Environmental and natural resources engineering, Machine systems design, Bioenvironmental controls, Biomaterials systems, Soil and water resources, Food engineering, Biochemical engineering Aquaculture, Applied physics, Biomedical engineering, Forest engineering, Environmental engineering, Food science, Agronomy and crop science, Agricultural equipment technology, Environmental science, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Genetics Environmental engineer, Design engineer, Project engineer, Product development engineer, Soil and water conservationist, Irrigation engineer, Bioengineer, Food engineer (1) Cornell Univ, (2) Texas A&M Univ-College Station, (3) Univ of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, (4) Purdue Univ-West Lafayette, (5) UC Davis, (6) Pennsylvania St Univ-Univ Park, (7) Univ of Maryland-College Park, (8) Rutgers Univ, (9) Virginia Tech, (10) Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 
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