(5) Recommended Reading List for High School Students

This is a sortable database of recommended reading materials (books and magazines) for high school students.
"Genre" includes Fiction, Personal Narrative, Science, Social Science, Humantities, Ethnic, Literary Criticism, Magazines, and Anthology.
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Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg, The Mark Twain Fiction 
1984 George Orwell Fiction 
A Death in the Family James Agee Fiction 
A Farwell to Arms Ernest Hemingway Fiction 
A Room with A View E. M. Forster Fiction 
A Summer Bird-Cage Margaret Drabble Fiction 
Animal Farm George Orwell  Fiction  
Baylon Revisited  F. Scott Fitzgerald Fiction 
Barchester Towers Anthony Trollope Fiction 
Barnaby Rudge Charles Dickens Fiction 
Billy Budd Herman Melville  Fiction 
Brideshead Revisited  Evelyne Walugh  Fiction 
Collected Stores of William Faulkner William Faulkner  Fiction 
Cranford Elizabeth Gaskell  Fiction 
Daisy Miller Henry James Fiction 
Darkness at Noon Arthur Koestler Fiction  
Emma  Jane Austen Fiction 
Far From the Madding Crowd  Thomas Hardy Fiction 
For Whom the Bell Tolls  Ernest Hemingway Fiction 
Go Tell It on the Mountain  James Baldwin Fiction 
Great Expectations Charles Dickens Fiction 
House in Dormer Forest, The  Mary Webb Fiction  
Heart of Darkness, The Joseph Conard Fiction 
Great Gatsby, The F. Scott Fitzgerald  Fiction 
Heart of the Matter, The  Graham Greene Ficiton 
American, The Henry James Fiction 
All the King's Men Robert Penn Warren Fiction 
Adventures of Huckeberry Finn, The Mark Twain Fiction 
House on Mirth, The  Edith Wharton  Fiction 
Intruder in the Dust William Faulkner Fiction  
Invisible Man, The Ralph Ellison  Fiction 
Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte Fiction 
Jude the Obscure Thomas Hardy Fiction 
Lady Susan  Jane Austen Fiction 
Little Dorritt Charles Dickens Fiction 
Lord of the Flies William Golding Fiction 
Kingsley Amis Lucky Jim Fiction 
Men at Arms Evelyne Waugh Fiction 
Middlemarch George Eliot  Fiction 
Moby Dick Herman Melville Fiction 
Open Boat, The Stephen Crane Fiction 
Nicholas Nickelby Charles Dickens  Fiction 
Orlando Virginia Woolf Fiction 
Our Man in Havana  Graham Greene Fiction 
Portrait of a Lady, The Henry James Fiction 
Power and the Glory, The  Graham Greene Fiction 
Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen  Fiction 
Sartoris William Faulkner  Fiction 
Screwtape Letters, The C. S. Lewis  Fiction 
Sons and Lovers D. H. Lawrence  Fiction 
Sun Also Rises, The Ernest Hemingway Fiction 
Sylvia's Lovers  Elizabeth Gaskell  Fiction 
Third Man, The  Graham Greene Fiction 
Turn of the Screw, The  Henry James  Fiction 
Vanity Fair William Markepeace Thackery Ficiton 
Villette Charlotte Bronte Fiction 
Warden, The  Anthony Trollope Fiction 
Women in Love  D. H. Lawrence Fiction 
A Grief Observed C.S. Lewis Personal Narrative 
An Unfinished Life Lillian Hellman  Personal Narrative  
As They Were M.F.K. Fisher  Personal Narrative 
Autobiography of Alice B., The Gertrude Stein  Personal Narrative 
Goodbye to All That Robert Graves  Personal Narrative 
How I Grew Mary McCarthy Personal Narrative 
Joys and Sorrows Pablo Casals Personal Narrative 
Memories of A Catholic Girlhood  Mary McCarthy Personal Narrative 
My Young Years Arthur Rubinstein  Personal Narrative 
Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions Gloria Steinem Personal Narrative 
Paris Jouranl, 1944 - 1955 Jenet Flanner Personal Narrative 
Rebellious  Gloria Steinem Personal Narrative 
Such, Such Were the Joys George Orwell Personal Narrative 
Toklas Gertrudes Stein Personal Narrative 
American Hunger Richard Wright Ethnic 
Art, African American Samella Lewis Ethnic 
Asian In America  H. Brett Melendy Ethnic 
Black Boy Richard Wright Ethnic 
Black Odyssey Nathan I. Huggins Ethnic 
Blues People LeRoi Jones Ethnic 
China Men Maxine Hong Kingson Ethnic 
Custer Died For Your Sins Vine Deloria Ethnic 
Fire Next Time, The James Baldwin Ethnic 
From Slavery to Freedom John Hope Franklin Ethnic 
Going to the Territory  Ralph Ellison Ethnic 
Harlem Renaissance Nathan I Higgins Ethnic 
Heart of a Woman, The Maya Angelou Ethnic 
Hunger of Memory, The Richard Rodriguez Ethnic 
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings Maya Angelou Ethnic 
Indian in America, The Wilcomb E. Washburn  Ethnic 
Japanese Americans William Peterson Ethnic 
La Raza: The Mexican Americans  Stan Steiner Ethnic 
Many Mexicans  Lesley Byrd Simpson Ethnic 
Music of Black Americans  Eileen Souther Ethnic 
Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass: American Slave Frederick Douglass  Ethnic 
No Name in the Street James Baldwin Ethnic 
One Nation Divisible: Class, Race, Ethnicity in the U. S. Since 1938 Richard Pollenberg Ethnic 
Our Distant Neighbors Alan Riding Ethnic 
Slave and Citizen: the Life of Frederick Douglass  Nathan I. Higgins  Ethnic  
Songs from the Earth: American Indian Painting Jamake Highwater Ethnic 
Souls of Blak Folk, The W. E. B. DuBois Ethnic 
Woman Warrior, The  Maxine Hong Kingston Ethnic 
Words in the Blood: Contemporary Indian Writers Jamake Highwater Ethnic  
Yellow: Stories Don Lee  Ethnic 
An Introduction to the English Novel Arnold Kettle  Literary Criticism 
Aspects of the Novel  E. M. Forster Literary Criticism 
English Novel, The  Dorothy Van Ghent Literary Criticism 
Geoffrey Chaucer of England Marchette Chute  Literary Criticism  
How Does a Poem Mean John Ciardi Literary Criticism 
Second Common Reader, The  Virginia Woolf  Literary Criticism 
Studies in Classic American Literature  D. H. Lawrence  Literary Criticism  
Civilization Kenneth Clark  Humanities  
Contemplation Music Joseph Kerman Humanities 
Dance in Its Time Walter Sorell Humanities 
History of Photography, The  Beaumont Newhall Humanities  
Masters of the Drama John Gassner Humanities 
Mozart Marcia Davenport Humanities 
Prefaces to Shakespeare Harley Granville-Barker Humanities 
Shapes of Change, The Marcia B. Siegal Humanities 
Terpsichore in Sneakers: Post-Modern Dance Sally Barnes  Humanities 
Two Cultures, The C. P. Snow  Humanities  
Uses of Enchantment, The Bruno Bettelheim Humanities  
Animal Architecture Karl Von Frisch Science  
Ascent of Man, The Jacob Bronowski Science 
Body in Question, The Jonathan Miller  Science  
Case of the Midwife Toad, The Arthur Koestler Science  
Biosphere, The Springer-Verlag New York, Inc.  Science  
Brian, The American Scientific Books  Science  
Dancing Wu Li Master, The  Gary Zukav Science  
Development of Mathmatics, The Eric T. Bell Science  
Double Felix, The James Watson Science  
Energy and Power Scientific American Books  Science  
Ever Since Darwin  Stephen Jay Gould  Science  
Evolution American Science Books  Science  
Experiencing Science  Jeremy Berstein  Science  
Fauna and Family Gerald Durell Science  
Hot-Blooded Dinosaurs, The  Adrian Desmond  Science  
Human Body, The  Isaac Asimov Science  
Human Brian, The Isaac Asimov Science  
In the Shadow of Man Jane Goodall  Science  
King Soloman's Ring Konrad Lorenz  Science 
Lawrence and Oppenheimer N. P. Davis Science  
Mr. Tompkins George Gamow Science  
My Family and Other Animals  Gerald Durell Science  
Ocean, The Scientific American Books Science 
On Aggression Konrad Lorenz Science  
One, Two, Three... Infinity George Gamow Science  
Sand County Almanac Aldo Leopold  Science  
Science Observed  Jeremy Berstein Science  
Solar System, The Scientific American Books Science  
Surely You're Joking, My Feynman  Richard Feynman  Science  
Volcanoes and the Earth's Interior  Scientific American Books  Science  
A Distant Mirror  Barbara Tuchman Social Science 
Black Death, The  Johannes Nohl Social Science  
Daughter of Time, The Josephine Tey Social Science  
Desert Generals, The  Corelli Barnet Social Science  
Eleanor and Franklin Joseph P. Lash Social Science  
Frederick the Great Nancy Mitford Social Science  
Gun of August, The Barbara Tuchman Social Science  
In Search of the Trojan War Michael Wood  Social Science  
Invitation to Sociology Peter Berger Social Science  
Making of the President, The T. H. White Social Science  
Medieval People  Eileen Edna Power  Social Science  
Mute Stones Speak, The Paul MacKendrick  Social Science  
Napoleon  Vincent Cronin Social Science  
Only Yesterday  Frederick Lewis Allen  Social Science  
Puritan Dilemma, The Edmund Morgan Social Science  
Rise to Globalism: U. S. Foreign Policy, 1938 - 1980 Stephen Ambrose Social Science  
Selling of the President, 1968, the  Joe McGinniss  Social Science 
Story of Civilization, The  Will and Ariel Durant  Social Science  
Sword-Bearers, The  Corelli Barnet Social Science  
To the Finland Station Edmund Wilson Social Science 
Turning Point, The: Science, Society andthe Rising Culture  Fritjof Capra  Social Science  
Two Lives of Charlemagne Einhar & Notken the Stammerer Social Science  
Warning of the Middle Ages, The J. Huizinga Social Science  
House on Mango Street, The Sandra Cisneros Ethnic  
Native Speaker  Chang-rae Lee  Ethnic  
Nobody Knows My Name James Baldwin Ethnic 
Obasan Joy Kogawa  Personal Narrative  
American History   Magazines 
American Scientist  Magazines 
Atlantic Monthly   Magazines 
Harpers   Magazines 
Newsweek  Magazines 
Scientific American   Magazines  
Smithsonian   Magazines 
Time   Magazines 
National Geographic  Magazines 
New Yorker, The  Magazines 
Psychology Today   Magazines 
Art in America   Magazines 
Economist, The  Magazines 
Best American Essays, The The Best American Series Anthology 
Best American Nonrequired Reading, The The Best American Series Anthology 
Best American Science and Nature Writing, The The Best American Series Anthology 
Best American Science Writing, The The Best American Series  Anthology 
Best American Travel Writing, The The Best American Series  Anthology 
The Nick Adams Stories, "The Last Good Country" Ernest Hemingway Fiction 
Best American Sports Writing, The The Best American Series  Anthology 
Best American Mystery Stories, The The Best American Series  Anthology 
Best American Magazine Writing, The The Best American Series  Anthology 
Best American Essays of the Century The Best American Series  Anthology 
Best American Short Stories, The The Best American Series  Anthology 
Best American Poetry, The The Best American Series  Anthology 
Best Music Writing Da Capo Best Music Writing Anthology 
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